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John Torsiello on Peter Wallace.

POSTED February 06, 2017
BY John Torsiello
Twitter: @theaposition

John Torsiello

I would be remiss if I did not contribute to the accolades being heaped on one Peter Wallace by a loving and concerned community.

Although I’m sure Pete would borrow the Mark Twain phrase that his demise is being greatly exaggerated (Pete will surely be around and covering something for somebody), he certainly will be missed covering Torrington High School and other school sports on a seemingly every day basis for The Register Citizen.

I’ve known Pete for quite some time. Our daughters even live in the same South Carolina city. I bumped into Pete at numerous sporting events over the years, his companionship always welcome and enjoyable. It is perhaps a good thing that some of these conversations were not taped, eh, Pete?  

We rambled on about pretty much everything under the sun as we sat under the sun and took notes. The one thing that always impressed me about Pete, in addition to a few of the cars he drove, one that seemed as though it might have been purchased from a Baghdad, Iraq dealer, replete with a few holes from RPG rounds, is how much he truly cared about what he was doing. And it wasn’t just the reporting and writing.

He has a genuine affection and care for the young athletes who labor so hard at their sports for nothing more than applause and the chance of getting their names in the newspaper or online when they do something grand.

We forget how important it is for young athletes to be recognized in the press for their accomplishments. Pete never forgets. Everybody wants to see their name in print when they do something good. Too often names appear for the wrong reason. But Pete has always made sure that kids, the good kids that far outnumber the troubled ones, get their due.

I’m not going to say I will miss Pete, but rather that I’ll see you down the road buddy, at some game, taking notes and flashing me that wry smile when you see me walk up to you.

Pete Wallace, simply, is one of the good guys in the world.

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