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Jordan Williams trying to make a comeback

POSTED July 24, 2013
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

Torrington's Jordan Williams is currently attempting a return to the NBA.

The beginning of that journey began this month in the NBA Summer League for the Los Angeles Lakers and, as many players learn in comeback tries, it could be a very hard road.

Williams only played in two games for the Lakers, scoring two points and grabbing one rebound in 11 minutes of action.

Now, to the important question: What does this mean?

First, Williams is not under contract with the Lakers. Non-rookies who are free agents can sign with a team to play for their summer league squad, but are free to sign anywhere after the summer league is over. This is a good thing for Williams, considering the minimal opportunity the Lakers gave him.

Best case scenario for Williams is to get a guaranteed, one-year minimum contract from a team before training camp. Because he sat out last season,  though, the odds of that are very low.

Williams did play well for the then-New Jersey Nets over the last month of the 2012 season and that should, at worst thanks to his size and position, get him a tryout for an NBA team in training camp. If he doesn't make that team, the options include the D-League and overseas.

The potential to make the most money would be to play overseas. If the NBA is Williams' main goal, the D-League is the best route.

Missing a season, especially not due to injury, can only hurt the progress he made at the end of the year he played with the Nets. Teams are going to need to see a renewed passion and dedication from him.

It's in Williams' hands now to show it.


Anyone want to talk steroids?

Yeah, I don't really either.



With next to nothing in his lineup and numerous injury and steroid distractions, Joe Girardi has to be a front-runner for the Manager of the Year award. Barring a big trade or two for some hitting (Alfonso Soriano is not the difference), the Yankees are not going to make the playoffs and that will certainly not help his chances. But the job he's done had been remarkable so far.


The Giants open training camp this weekend, so I will set the over/under of torn ACLs suffered in practice at 1.5. It's a Giants training camp tradition.


We are one flip of the calendar away from the start of high school football practices and the local teams, I'm sure, are looking forward to erasing the memories of 2012 away. Due to some very good talents graduating around here in 2011, we saw a big decrease in the overall winning percentage of the local squads. Unlike some schools, particularly Ansonia, it's not simple replacing great players and recovering from their departure. Hopefully, 2013 will bring some more wins to the area.


And finally, congrats to Mike Fabiaschi, who recently retired from the Oakland A's organization. The Torrington native had a great run, making it to Double A, playing several positions and getting to play in several cities. Covering Fabiaschi for almost a decade, you'd never know when interviewing him that he was the best player on the team, no matter the sport. His passion and fight to reach the professional baseball level was very admirable and good luck to him in the future.

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