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Kelsey Dayton has the sportzedge

POSTED September 03, 2013
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                     Kelsey Dayton has the sportzedge 



          Kelsey Dayton has never been far away from the game – any game.  Read his short introductory biography on, where he holds down the position of executive producer and editor of the Channel-8 sponsored web site.


……..He started covering sports when he documented the UConn-Georgetown national championship game that had just taken place in his driveway. He is one of the top 50 greatest small forwards in Thomaston basketball history and may or may not own a Souleymane Wane jersey. (He doesn’t. But that would be cool, right?).... 


            And so you get a little peek into the personality that is Kelsey Dayton. One part pundit, many, many parts a voracious sports passion. A combination that probably will lead some day to some position with some professional team. That’s the dream accompanied by an insatiable desire to make the dream the reality.

            “My goal used to be to work for ESPN, now it is to have a voice nationally, whether that is on radio or writing a column or working for some team,” said Dayton.

            These days the 27-year-old Thomaston High and Quinnipiac University graduate can be found in a number of spots but his main gig is where he is the major domo in control of all that goes on the site. It is all about Connecticut sports from UConn to Westport Little League and everything in between.

            How did he get the job? He worked for it and sold himself.

            “I went to a job fair at Quinnipiac and brought my I-pad with me,” explained Dayton. “At the time I was covering high school sports in Providence on golocal.prov and in Worcester. I was also writing for I couple of weeks later a guy from Channel 8 called me.  The job was part time on the sports web site and part time on the news side.”

            Dayton couldn’t wait to say yes. It has been on the job training since then.

            “I thought they would guide me along but they gave me the keys to it, “ chuckles Dayton. They just told me they wanted all Connecticut stuff on it with kind of focus on youth and sports.”

            The site, which just went up in April, is still a work in progress according to Dayton. He spent the first 8 months organizing, compiling ideas, getting stories and learning the business.

            A quick scan of the site offers articles on Hillhouse football and Westport Little league along with stories on Post University, UConn receiver Scott Cummings, Johnny Manziel’s autograph scandal in New Haven and a fan forum where Dayton gets a chance to rant  and rave on video.

            We don’t do scores, we do news from events,” said Dayton. “We try to do features, but it is still forming. “

Dayton also accepts articles (sans pay).

Dayton still divides his time between sports and news, doing sports Tue, Wed., and Thur., while doing news Fri., and Sat.  (Pss…. Don’t tell Channel 8 but he doesn’t like the news part but for now it goes with the territory).

There are some perks to working for a site backed by a major television station.

“I get some advice from Noah Finz and John Pierson (Channel 8 sports personalities) on what is relevant and I get to go to some events. I went to Fifty Cent’s birthday in Hartford.”

Where would Dayton like to take the site?

“I would like it to be where Connecticut goes for local (state-wide) sports,” says Dayton “I think in the beginning people went to the site for advice (they had sports advice columns). I would like it to be a destination for people to go when they want to know anything about what is going on in the state.”

Currently Dayton says the site received 100,000 hits last month.

Dayton’s rising star comes really as no surprise, especially to northwest Connecticut residents. He is not an unfamiliar face or voice.

While in high school Dayton and friends Eric Blum and Craig Allen hosted a show on Torrington’s WAPJ. Then for five years he moved to classic television.

If you are a channel surfer, you may remember clicking around on a Saturday afternoon and an arm-waving, statistic-spouting fountain of sports fanaticism catching your attention on Cable-5 community access.

The show was taped in the Thomaston High audio visual room for a while and then in his toy room at home. There were homemade charts, analysis of all sports, college and pro, predictions and an energy that put Richard Simmons to shame.

The energy or the knowledge hasn’t waned. Along the way Dayton has worked as a free-lance writer and has been printed in `Slam‘, a major basketball magazine and also writes for

In all of his spare time, he is trying to work on a book about the 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings. He tends to think there were some not so on the up and up things that happened in Game 6 and has already interviewed participant and favorite player Vlade Divac.

From the time he was a little boy and he took on his dad at the nerf hoop in the living room, Dayton has had the passion for the game – any game.

Now he’s slam-dunking it and you get the idea it is only going to get better. Knowledge, energy, creativity and passion mixed with a wry sense of humor spell good things for these days and for Dayton down the road. 

On to the next game.        


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