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Kim Gelada and Jaimie Gaffney on Tim Gaffney.

POSTED June 16, 2013
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                                    What a Father is to Me


A Father is so much more than just a title. It starts by being the man figure in your life. The person that you look up to. He is the strength of the family and is the rock that holds everything together. Through the rough times and the great times, he is there to share his wisdom. When you are at your darkest days, he is there with understanding and comfort and will always give you his shoulder. When the sun is the brightest and great things are happening, he is the first one to be excited and share your happiness.

No matter how daring your limits take you, he is there to support and protect. He is your biggest fan in everything you love to do. He will go above and beyond with support and unconditional love. He will be there every step of the way no matter where life brings you. He is the strongest person I know, the most caring, and truly my inspiration.

He is Timothy Gaffney... My Father. Happy Dad’s Day....  I love you,  Kimmy.


                                                                      Happy Father's Day


It has meant a lot to me to reconnect with my dad over the last few years. While on vacation in San Diego, I found joy in knowing that we are both very similar. I also have great respect and admiration for the changes he will be making this August in regards to his new business adventure. When my dad talks about the future with his company, he lights up and it is inspiring to know that anything really is possible.

His hard work has paid off and now he will get to do exactly what he always wanted to do.   I am thankful for the relationship I have with my dad and am looking forward to it growing over the years.  LOVE YOU DAD - Jaimie


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