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LCS Takes Lead for 2017 Kidsmarthon and Connor Finn wins again.

POSTED June 24, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: As we dive head first into the summer of 2016, we here at Litchfield County Sports shift our focus slightly from the high school scene to what’s going around the area, on and off the field.

Here’s some of the things rolling around this Irish head.

-Rod Dixon’s Kidsmarathon. In 2017, we will lead the effort in Torrington next spring as the globally successful program enters its second year at the Robert H. Frost Complex at Torrington High School.

I am honored to step up and take the point for Mr. Dixon, who has become a good friend over the last few years and a gentlemen who you can’t help but admire for his efforts in battling childhood obesity around the globe.

When we think of champions, Dixon fits the bill to a “T”, taking on one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Getting the next generation, starting in the youngest grades, to buy into the fact that eating right and exercising is the norm, not a punishment will go a long way towards getting the kids off the couch and into the world of feeling good, will be part of our challenge.

One that I eagerly look forward to tackling.


-Had my year made this week when I saw a video of a young man, who represents the future in the best way, talk about an early memory of high school that stayed with him throughout his stellar four years at THS.

Connor Finn, the standout quarterback for the Raiders, was talking during the school’s graduation ceremony at the Warner Theater on Sunday, June 19.

Back when Finn was a freshman, the high school was taking a beating over assault charges wrongly associated with the football program.

It was an incident that occurred three months after the season had finished and had nothing to do with sports but sometimes (except here) bad news is what the media wants to report on.

As the season rolled around after the events, the sight of a reporter was the last thing any of the players wanted to see. If they said the wrong thing, they knew it would become front page news or the lead on the evening news.

Finn related a day when a reporter approached him after practice and he was dreading it.

To his surprise, the report told him, “Don’t worry, I only report the good stuff”, followed by a big smile.

That reporter was me and I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

You see, we have always tried to be different from your traditional media organization that wants the dirt before the clean.

To have a young man of Connor Finn’s character recall that relatively mundane comment three years later left me speechless.

Reporting on the “Good Stuff” is not hard. There is so much more good stuff in the world than bad that it astounds me that we as a society don’t focus on it more.

At our 2nd Annual All-Torrington High School Banquet, held June 9, we honored 40 student/athletes for their achievements on and off the field of play.

These were just a small percentage of the tremendous kids working their way through high school at THS and every other school in our area.

If you have attended a Dick’s Scholarship Dinner with some of the best minds that come out of THS, you will find more great kids.

Don’t get me started with the magnificent THS Marching Band or the Drama Club or any number of other groups that encourage our youth to be great.

I received a note from Connor after he was named the recipient of one of our two, $250 dollar scholarships awarded at the banquet, thanking me for always supporting what was going right at Torrington High School.

A class move by a classy young man raised by tremendous parents who taught him well.

Finn will be playing football at Union College in Massachusetts this fall and count on us making a road trip as we continue to point out the “Good Stuff” we see around us.

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