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Long drought over for Terryville boys cross country team

POSTED October 19, 2019
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                WATERTOWN – What’s a smile that is 33 years in the making look like? Like the little kid on Christmas morning. Like the rapture of the game-winning home run or basket. You get the idea. It is special and it belonged to the Terryville boys cross country team Friday afternoon.

                The Kangaroos dethroned three-time defending champion Northwestern Regional, 40-54, to capture their first boys title since 1986. Yep, since Ronald Regan’s presidency and the Mets victory over the Red Sox in the World Series ( Bill Buckner and all that stuff).

                “It’s been almost a lifetime,” admitted charged up Terryville co-coach Stephanie Fuller. “The kids have worked so hard. They knew that Northwestern and Gilbert would be a challenge.”

                “That’s all the kids have talked about all year is being BL champs,” agreed co-coach Dean Martin.

                It wasn’t easy for the Kangaroos who had entered the meet with an undefeated dual meet record of 8-0 that included a slim five-point win over Northwestern. But with Chris Deforest leading the way and a solid back-up crew, there was too much depth for Northwestern.

                On a windy, raw day, Deforest completed a steady rise to the top of the Berkshire League after finishing second a year ago and third as a sophomore with a convincing BL career-ending performance covering the 3.1 mile course in 16:38.5 well ahead of Northwestern’s Joshua Mancini who posted a time of 16:59.7.

                “I didn’t run the way I wanted to today but a win is a win,” said Deforest. “With the wind and everything I lost some energy but it feels good. I took the lead at the beginning and Josh helped me keep the pace.”

                “He’s just one of the most humble kids,” added Fuller. “He works so hard.”

                The Highlanders also took third place as Alex Beachene (17:48.8) registered a strong performance but Terryville responded with CJ Hart placing sixth, Conor Garrity taking ninth, Nick Zappone finishing 11th and Nick Fusco taking the 13th spot.

                “(Terryville) is just a little deeper,” said Northwestern coach Alison Beauchene.  “Our back of the pack had to move up. We were hoping for a win but knew Terryville was strong. I’m not surprised at the results just disappointed. “

BL Cross Country  Championships
Boys – at Black Rock State Park

3.1 Miles


TEAM RESULTS: 1. Terryville 40; 2. Northwestern 54; 3. Gilbert 108; 4. Nonnewaug 109; 5. Thomaston 117; 6. Shepaug Valley 121; 7. Housatonic Vallely 125; 8. Litchfield 204; 9. Wamogo 250.

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS  TOP 15:  Chris Deforest (TV) 16:38.5; 2. Joshua Mangini (NW) 16:59.7; 3. Alex Beauchene (NW) 17:48.8; 4. David Lukowski (G) 18:02.5; 5. Jayden Cornwall (S) 18:11.7; 6. CJ Hart (TV) 18:16.1) 7. Gregory Basket (N) 18:16.4; 8. Conor Marchand (G) 18:17.4; 9. Conor Garrity (TV) 19:19.0; 10. Matt Henrickson (NW) 18:23.9; 11. Nick Zappone (TV) 18:34.5; 12. Gus Dekker (H) 18:34.7; 13. Nick Fusco (TV) 18:47.4; 14. Jacob Field (T) 18:51.5; 15. Preston Deleo (N) 18:54.8.

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