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Medic new A.D. at Wamogo

POSTED August 24, 2011
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                           Medic new A.D. at Wamogo 

             LITCHFIELD – Roberto Medic had been appointed interim Athletic Director at Wamogo Regional replacing Mary Stolle who resigned Tuesday evening. Medic, who has coached the girls soccer team and taught history at the school for four years, has applied to become the permanent A.D. and is hopeful a decision will be made very shortly by school officials.

            Medic brings some familiarity to the position having worked with Stolle as a volunteer assistant during his tenure at the school. 

            “I’m a sports guy and the attraction is to be around sports constantly,” said Medic. “I like being around the kids, coaches and officials and helping out.”

            Stolle, who did not reveal the reasons for her sudden resignation, was confident that Medic would do a good job.

            “I know it is a position that he aspired to,” said Stolle. “He filled in for me when I needed help and did a very good job. I’m not sure he knows fully what he has gotten himself into but he’ll learn. He’s gotten his feet wet so he’s not stepping in unprepared.”

            Medic has wasted no time in getting down to business and was in his new office Tuesday working on getting ready for the opening of fall practices Aug. 27.

            “It’s tough, I’m doing things that need to be done like making sure officials are all line up and looking for some middle school coaches,’ Medico said. “Little by little I’m whittling away at things that need to be done. I learned a lot from Mary and I know she will be a good resource.  She left a list for me of things that need to be done.”

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