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Mets hopes, Brady on the Ropes, THS memories and Mejia stupidity.

POSTED July 29, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: What a sports day and it’s not even dinner time.

Gotta love July. Most have vacation at time, everything is scattered.

Thank goodness for the trade deadline in Major League baseball.

Speculation runs amok, rumors fly and sometimes absolutely nothing happens day of, leaving us all with a feeling of ‘really’?

As a fan of the New York Metropolitans, I normally can just skip by this part of the program and concentrate on local sports even more because my team is far gone.

Oh sure, we may trade for a third long-man in the bullpen or a back-up catcher once in a great while but since Bernie Made-Off (he, he, he) with all the money (?) the Metro’s are usually waiting to play out the string come the Dog Days of Summer.

Could this year be different?

Maybe, considering GM Sandy Alderson has made a couple of deals to date, although not overwhelming by any means in adding Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and Tyler Clippard over the last week and the promoting of top prospect Michael Conforto from the farm.

It’s a step but considering the Mets had an AAA squad at the plate going into late July, the addition of slightly better bats is not going to put them over any top in anything.

Have been happy that they have left the young pitchers alone. They are the only reason the team is not 10-games below .500 at this point.

While the spotting of David Wright today at Citi Field may have made folks feel good, coming back from an injury that falls into such a grey area as his does doesn’t make me feel he is going to be able to contribute any time soon, if ever again.

Back injuries are brutal. The violent motion of swinging a bat is not great for a healthy guy, never mind one developing a condition.

……Please Mets fans, stop asking to get Jose Reyes back. It’s over, he’s over. The hill that is. Remember how often we would not see the elusive one back when he was in New York?

Staying healthy doesn’t get easier with age. Sure, I loved watching the guy turn on the blazers when a ball went into the gap at Shea Stadium.

Well, Shea is gone and so is that blazing speed and at this point in his career, Reyes is a below average fielder and we already have plenty of those, thank you very much.

I don’t think the Mets are anywhere near good enough right now to pull off a playoff run, they have a hard time winning back to back games with one of the best pitching staffs in baseball.

Let’s not go back to the old days, save that for movie night.

Hold on, so it’s a smart move to get suspended an entire season right after coming off the suspension list?

Apparently, Jenrry Mejia of the Mets thought it was okay to stay juiced, now for 162 games after an 80-game penalty kicked him out until July 7, just 21 days ago.

Proving that on many levels, you can’t teach stupid.

…..So, Tom Brady throws out (breaks, shatters, etc.) his phones every couple of months so that’s why he couldn’t give them to Roger Goodell.

Right…..and my dog ate my homework.

As has been the case since the start of time, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Nobody learned from, “I am not a crook” Nixon and it appears nobody ever will.

Brady though, could care less about any of this, although I think he cares that his image has taken a hit. It’s not easy to stay as clean as say, Derek Jeter did during his career and maybe the run the Patriots, Bill Belichick and Brady have had is over.

All the Pats will do is go 3-1 in the four games he misses and still win the East.

Heck, want to punish Brady, make him play for the Jets!

…..Spent a couple of hours at the Torrington High School library working on a history piece about Raider sports.

Started in 1976 (when I graduated in NY) and worked my way to 1993.

To see the parents or grandparents of kids we cover today was a trip.

Hair styles, hats (Mike Fritch Sr. sported a stylish one in his early days) and the like were no different here than over in New York.

Great stuff on some of the tremendous teams and players that have come out of THS.

Over the past decade, some of the history has gone missing or was never recorded. I’ll be working to try and find it between the high school yearbooks and the Torrington Historical Society.

More to come.

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