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Mills tennis gets by Shepaug, 3-2. Story by Spartan coach Patrick Linton.

POSTED April 23, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

On Monday, two Berkshire League Spartan teams met for an undefeated shown down, leaving only one undefeated team in the league.

The Mills Spartan Boys defeated a very talented and deep Shepaug Spartan Team. 

This same exact occurrence happened last year; in singles we swept all three securing at least a 3-2 win, which ended up being the final result.

Both Mills doubles teams lost to the Shepaug doubles teams, who were very strong and aggressive at the net.  

All games had many fantastic rallies and all around great competitive tennis. 

Individual Results

#1 Singles: Trevor Robinson (Mills) defeated Jack Brotherton (Shepaug): 6-0, 6-0
Comments:   This was Trevor's 1st match back since rolling his ankle and he did not break his stride beating Jack in straight sets.  Trevor had his usual weapons of a great kick serve and topspin forehand to set the pace of the match.  Jack hustled around the court and made some wonderful shots, but had a hard time staying in the point against Trevor.


#2 Singles: Holden Robinson (Mills) defeated Ellery Rourk (Shepaug): 6-1, 6-1

Comments:  Holden continues to develop his game to be more aggressive.  In the midst of his match I got a chance to chat with Holden and he asked if I was watching his match, particularly his serves with numerous aces and forehand winners.  I could tell he was proud of how he was playing, as he should have been.

#3 Singles: Bill Bentley (Mills) defeated Kirby Peters (Shepaug): 6-3, 6-4

Comments:  Bill won his match against Kirby by overpowering him with his serves and forehand shots.  I was impressed with Kirby and how he was able to return many of Bill's more aggressive shots.  It was close in the second set at 5-4, after Bill was up 5-1.  Luckily the team's mascot visited and came over and gave Bill a bit of extra motivation to close out the match, which he did.

#1 Doubles: Jeff Molgano and Sinclair Bush (Mills) lost to Michael Korniewicz and Kelen Rhikoff (Shepaug): 3-6, 2-6

Comments:  Jeff and Sinclair faced, in my opinion, the strongest doubles team in the league that Mills has played against.  Both Michael and Kellen were great at attacking the net, which clearly had them at an advantage.  It was good competition for Sinclair and Jeff to play against and to see how to attack the net as a team, which is something we have been working on in practices.

#2 Doubles: Eric Jameson and Jake Perfetto (Mills) lost to Greg Valentine and Richie Wilhelm (Shepaug): 5-7, 4-6

Comments:  This was the closest match of the day, and could have gone the other way.  Eric and Jake played well by communicating to one another and playing as a team.  They also played pretty well at the net.  Unfortunately, down the stretch they started to play a bit more tentative and the Shepaug team capitalized on this with great consistent net play.

This puts Mills at 6-0 for the season and the front runners in the the Berkshire League, as well as the last undefeated team. 


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