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Monday ramblin's by Mr. Gaffney on upcoming LCS changes.

POSTED August 05, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: The days are getting shorter and along with it, a feeling in the air that before we know it, schools in the area will be getting back to the routine of crowded roads and waiting behind yellow buses.

While the kids and teachers alike may not be looking forward to returning to classes, it’s an exciting time for us here at Litchfield County

In a little less than two weeks, I will be retiring from my 17-year run with Frito Lay.

It’s been a great run and I will miss a great deal of what made it a pretty cool job.

Come on, think about it. Who doesn’t love potato chips? Now I always said that if this world started to eat better, I would be in trouble with my career choice but alas, I didn’t see it in my chip lifetime.

The purpose for leaving Frito is to realize my dream of running on a full time basis.

Since Rick Wilson, Patrick Tiscia and I stood outside the studios of WAPJ on Water Street one evening wondering where we would be writing in the future and came up with the idea of a local sports web-site, I have been counting down to these last few days.

As I write this, it’s nine working days.

Over the past nearly three years, we have developed into a major media force on a part-time basis.

Part of the reason for our success is the tremendous variety of writers who contribute to the site.

Wilson spins marvelous stories that speak to the heart of what we do.

“Give them what they can’t get anywhere else,” has always been a Wilson standard and for good reason. It works.

Tiscia knows more about the in’s and out of the NBA, local football and has a knack for keeping an ear to the ground to find out what’s happening in his area.

John Nestor has brought a passion and dedication that runs throughout the team and makes us such a force.

Nestor is actively involved in local youth sports in the Burlington area and uses that network to get us stories.

John Torsiello, or Mr. Golf as he could be called, is as pure a freelance sportswriter as there is out there and is adept at telling in-depth stories about sports figures he runs into.

Nobody can tell a golf story like Mr. Torsiello.

With more time comes some significant changes to the site as we look to attract more and more people to what we feel is the future of sports journalism.

Some of the changes include a re-design of the top line to include separate sections for the Berkshire League and all their schools along with a Naugatuck Valley League section with Torrington and Watertown as the mainstays but look for us to have reports on just what’s cooking at every school in the NVL.

We will also add a Town section that will be dedicated to everything sports related in that particular town.

Not just High School but any sport that goes on in that area.

There are hundreds of stories in each town in the Northwest Corner and beyond and we will be hunting for them every day.

Our front page will eventually change, although we are still in the design phase at this time.

I do know we will add a new section for “poll” questions of the day or week, letting you the reader in on the action.

More pictures will dot the front page along with a improved video section that will be used much more often than it is now.

You will be able to see the works of your favorite scribe when each writer has their own section with the last few articles they have written under the most current one.

The excitement is bubbling to the surface here at Litchfield County Sports headquarters in Torrington, we hope you like what you see and look forward to telling more and more of the great stories just waiting to be told.  

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