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More to Marchi story than meets the eye.

POSTED February 04, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: National Signing Day is tomorrow and it looks like Mother Nature will be kicking up a storm in anticipation of the event.

High school seniors will be taking their first step towards fulfilling a dream on the gridiron that started for most at a very early age.

One local athlete will not be part of the mix and the closer we look at it, the murkier the waters seem to get.

Logan Marchi, a record setting quarterback at St. Paul Catholic who recently transferred back to his hometown school, Gilbert, was looking forward to putting ink to paper on Wednesday and setting sail on a four or five-year adventure with his school of choice, the University of Connecticut.

For the better part of 10 years, Marchi took in dozens of camps, plenty of them at UConn under both Randy Edsall and Paul Pasqualoni.

On Friday, out of the blue, Marchi got a call from the University stating that he would no longer be offered the full scholarship he thought he was getting.

The reason given was that it was an Admissions decision, according to Husky offensive coordinator Mike Cummings.

Read between the lines: perhaps Marchi’s grades were not what they should have been, something he himself has eluded to in published reports.

Here is where it gets a little cloudy with a chance of murky.

It has not been a secret to anyone at the University, according to Marchi, that his grades were going to be an issue.

Marchi has said that the former coaching staff, Pasqualoni in particular, was aware of this and was willing to fight for the former Falcon who threw for over 3.200 yards and 38 touchdowns his senior year.

As recently as January 17, Marchi was on an official visit at UConn, he tweeted pictures from his hotel room that weekend and you could feel the thrill in his words.

Then, five days before officially signing, he’s dropped.

Why waste a visit three weeks earlier if the player is not going to stick?

Now, I understand Division I athletics is and always will be a business, a huge one.

I get that, no problem.

If another blue-chip prospect changed their mind late in the game and was too good for UConn and head coach Bob Diaco to turn down, of course that happens.

UConn had an abysmal 3-9 record a year ago, they need an awful lot at numerous positions if they have any chance of being competitive any time soon.

The timing and reasoning behind the Marchi cut just feels a little off, like maybe they could have been a little more honest or sincere with the kid.

This may be happening a number of times with a number of players around the country. The new coaches are looking at things differently, as they have every right to do as they look to put together a winning roster built to bring winning back to East Hartford sooner rather than later.

Like I said earlier, this is a business and a tough one with millions of dollars rolling around large football programs.

Commitments are broken on both sides, happens all the time.

It’s just that by having Marchi come for an official visit two weeks into January then rescinding his offer two weeks later just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s thought process.

If the school was having second thoughts about the quarterback earlier than January 31, maybe letting him know then would have allowed him the option of contacting other schools around the country in time to have his day on Wednesday.

A tough lesson learned by a young man most feel confident will land with a good school, here’s hoping he does just that.

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