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Mother's Day Salute Series: Ali Bronson on Suzy Bronson.

POSTED May 06, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Ali Bronson

To: Suzy Bronson

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Mom.

I know everyone says that, but in my case it is true. She wasn’t the typical “soccer” mom. She had her own way of teaching me that you only get what you work for.

What she doesn’t realize is that it was never her words, but the example she set that had the most effect on me.

My Mom, in my most unbiased opinion is the best photographer I’ve ever seen. Some of that is natural talent and some of it is because she will stay awake more than a day straight to make sure everything is perfect.

She will work 80 plus hours a week and not because she’s getting paid for it, but because she wants it to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. And most/all of the time it is.

I say all of this because when I was growing up I had a lot of natural talent, but I also had to work extremely hard for everything I got.

When I would fall off the beam 3 times in a competition (this happened more than once I was terrible at beam) my mom was never disappointed in me, but I was.

She had one simple question. “Did you work as hard as the other girls this week?” And usually when I had a bad competition, my answer was no.

I started to realize as I was growing up how much work my mom put in to being the best at what she does, and when I started to mix my natural talent with hard work things started paying off.

Then I became a teenager and who really wants to go to four hours of gymnastics practice after 3 hours of track practice when all of their friends are going to the mall!


But in my mom’s infinite wisdom she told me the choice was mine. However, she wanted me to remember the feeling I had when I lost or didn’t do my best, and if I was ok with that I could go to the mall instead, so I went to practice… most of the time. (I mean a high school girl needed nine Abercrombie sweatshirts right?)

This little voice telling me it was my choice followed me into college. 

When I didn’t want to jump in a cold pool at 6 a.m., because all my friends were going to a party the night before, it was that voice that told me if I don’t go to bed and go to practice I’ll never be an All-American.

I’ll never work for ESPN, and I’ll be stuck in a non-creative job that I hate. I became an All-American, I now have my dream job at ESPN and I only have one person to thank.

While I think she knows her words were a big part of my success I don’t think she understands how much I wanted to be like her.

I wanted to be the best at whatever I was doing at the time.

I’ll never be as good as she is, and the best part.

She doesn’t know it… she just keeps being great!



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