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Mother's Day Salute Series. Michael Ciesco salutes Rose Ciesco.

POSTED May 07, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

A Mother’s Day Reflection

                Throughout someone’s young sports career, it’s easy to remember that first baseball catch with dad, or grabbing the pigskin and playing some two hand touch football in the back yard. But what I think goes unnoticed is our mother’s involvement during those great years.

                My mother had no clue about the X’s and O’s of football, basketball, and baseball. During football her most famous quote was “Michael I just better not see you on the bottom of that pile!”

In basketball it was always “why are you on the floor more then you are on your two feet.” There was not a person more loyal to me in the fall or winter then my mother.

                At the young age of playing football there was always that practice in the rain. I can remember vividly walking up to the car where my mother was and seeing the look on her face. Soaking wet, and covered in mud, it was her that opened the door through me in the back seat and said just sit there and don’t move. This was the same lady that when I got home had dinner on the table, a hot shower running and but the time I was all done, all my football pads were taken out and being washed. I would think she was a magician at times.

                As you grow as an athlete the games become more serious to you. You take losing a little harder. The one person I could turn to, to vent was my mother. As I expressed my anger about losing a game it was her response “you’re playing the game you love and you didn’t get hurt so get over it!”

That would make me feel recovered.

                With my brother and I started out college careers it was not uncommon for my mother to cover three states in one day. From New York to Vermont, the lady with no sense of direction would always end up in the stands cheering on her two favorite boys.

                My mother is no longer with us today. However I know on Fridays during the fall when I’m coaching or playing on Sundays in the Young Men’s Basketball League, she is sitting in the stands of Heaven cheering me on. Ready to take and wash my cloths, have a delicious meal ready, but most of all, be there with her open arms to give me a big mother hug.

Thank You to all the mothers out there. We sometimes may not show our appreciation but you are and always will be our #1 Coach!

Mike Ciesco 

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