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Mother's Day Salute Series: Michelle Cook on Loretta Murphy.

POSTED May 09, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

There are people in our lives that change us, forever.

Then there are people that impact us in the way we may see something, or react to something.

Then, there are our mothers.

I am so blessed to have my mother.

There are 1200 miles between us, but that does not change the place she has in my heart or in my life. We speak, almost daily, just to check in, or simply say good morning.

My mother, Loretta, was an only child growing up. Relying on family, friends, and her church to mold her to who she has become. Life has not always been simple, experiencing love, loss, divorce, and illness.

She is a simple woman and needs very little to find happiness. She reaches out to those in need, giving strength of my mom rose to a level I had not seen.  Over Christmas break, I had learned my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had not told us, trying to protect us and insure we not worry. She was having the surgery and treatment over the holiday break, and was keeping this all to herself. This was confusing to me, as to how my mother did not want to share her situation, until many years later.

Fast forward to today, blessed my mother is cancer free, I understand her trying to protect us. It was her strength, her faith, and the love for her daughters of whom she was trying to protect from worry. This is a true testament to her. She has always been a protector, and there to help, dropping the things in her life, to travel to help in mine.

Distance is truly difficult when you are away from your loved ones. When you know that there is someone who wants to be near you, but distance prevents that from happening. There is always an inner sadness knowing you cannot just stop in to visit, call to meet for tea, or rush to her side when things are not going the way you had hoped.

I have watched my mother grow as a woman. Not recognizing, until lately, what I was seeing. She is a devoted woman, convicted in her faith, simple in her thoughts, but so strong that she stands up for what she believes is right, regardless of what others might say.

I am truly blessed to have her in my life, even if we are miles apart. There are not words enough to express the absence I feel that she is not closer. There are not words to thank her for all she has given me. I hope that one day I can make her as proud of me that I am of her.

As a mother, I can only thank her for showing me who a mother is to be. The strength and perseverance to push on and never lose faith in who you are, your faith, and your family.

Thank you mom, for giving me the insight and strength to be who I am today.

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