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Mother's Day Salute Series: Tom and Bob Killackey on Marianne Killackey.

POSTED May 09, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Bob Killackey

To: Marianne Killackey

My mother means the world to me. From the time I was born until 21 years later, my mother has loved me and taken care of me no matter what.

Often she would have to take care of my brother and I when my father was deployed. She worked very hard in order to help coordinate all the various activities my brother and I took part in, whether I was running off to soccer practice, or my brother was going to a band concert.

She is extremely hardworking and does whatever is necessary to support her sons or husband. My mother has gotten into photography over the last few years and has become extremely skilled in her new hobby and photography job with the local paper and on Litchfield County

My mother is one of the most amazing women on the planet and my family and I love her very much and are extremely lucky.

I love you Mom.

Tom Killackey

To: Marianne Killackey

To me, my mom is someone with whom I cannot live without.

I would not be able to function as a forgetful and sometimes unruly sixteen year old boy without her very important guidance and sometimes loving words of encouragement.

This Mother's Day should not be the only day that we spend thanking those who gave birth to us, raised us, and continued to guide us for the rest of our lives but instead we must show them how much they mean to us every day.

If it weren't for my mom, my chemistry homework would still be a forgotten zero and the material for all of my auditions would be left unpracticed and rotting away.

In short, don't only show love for your mother on Mother's Day but instead spend your whole life in appreciation of them shaping yours.

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