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Mother's Day Salute Series: Two Boys and Mom. Shane and Conor Bierfeldt.

POSTED May 07, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Two Boys and a Mom

As we get older, we realize what a special person our Mom really is. And how incredibly lucky we are to have her as a mother and a friend. Here are some of our thoughts about our mom.

Shane:  Mom makes my interests her interests.  Like baseball.  She knew nothing about the sport when she came to America from Ireland. Now, she comes to just about every game I play and even knows what a balk is.

Conor:  Mom puts my needs in front of her own, pretty much all the time. Like when she woke up at 3:30 one morning to drive to Cape Code for a baseball tournament so I could attend my 8th grade class night.

Shane:  Mom helps me see the best in every situation.  After every sports game I have ever played, she has told me I had a great game, whether I played my best or my worst. 

Conor:   Mom is smart and thinks for me when I don’t think for myself.  Like packing before every semester of college.  I’d always put it off until three hours before leaving.  Then I’d go up to my room to find my bags packed and pretty much ready to go.

Shane:  Mom is a very kind person who takes an interest in other people.   She can meet someone for the first time and, three months later, meet them again and she will remember their names and little details about their life.  And she’s always there when you need her, like when she makes scones for people when they are sick or sad. 

Conor:   My mom is a great role model.  She gives me examples every day about the kind of person I hope to become.  Her constant caring for others, her selflessness, her faith.  Like many kids growing up, I thought going to church on Sundays was a drag.  But now, Sunday mornings are special to me. I get to share that time with my mom, see her shake hands with strangers around us, and witness her having conversations with 90% of the church afterwards, because somehow she knows everyone. I can only dream of having that kind of impact.

Shane:  For me, what makes my mom so special is not really the things she does, but the person she is, especially her constant happiness.  She’s always happy when she’s talking to me.  It may not seem like a big deal, but the little aspects of her personality, like always having a smile on her face, are why I love my mom so much. 

Conor:  The most special part of my relationship with my mom is our friendship.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much of a friend she’s become and always has been.  These days, I’m away from home six or seven months a year.  For me, one of the best parts of the week is when I get to call home and talk to Mom, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes.  It always leaves me happier. 

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