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NBA Draft Live Story

POSTED June 24, 2011
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

Good evening, America and most notably Litchfield County. We're going to follow the NBA Draft tonight with live updates here on as Torrington native Jordan Williams awaits his name being called by commissioner David Stern.

Williams' name has been thrown around in mock drafts from 25 to 45, so it's all a guessing game at this point on where he'll end up. As the night goes along, we'll ponder possible locations and after he gets picked, analyze how he'll fit in with his new team.

The proceedings get underway on ESPN at 7 p.m. with the picks expected to begin around 7:30 p.m. Stay tuned...

Update, 7:12 p.m.: In my opinion, the Cavs can't leave Newark without Derrick Williams. Whether they take him first or work out a trade with the Wolves to also get the second pick, the healing of the LeBron wounds will be a lot quicker with Williams on board. A terrific all-around player.

Update, 7:17 p.m.: Waterbury native and Los Angeles Clipper Ryan Gomes has just chimed in and wished Jordan Williams well on Twitter. Gomes is a shining example of a second round pick having a strong NBA career. It's definitely not the end of the world if Williams is taken in Round 2.

Update, 7:21 p.m.: Quick comment on the Prudential Center, the host of tonight's event. This place has, by far, the steepest upper deck of any arena I've been to (around 10-15). This view is from a Nets-Bulls game in March (the Bulls were wearing green for St. Patrick's Day if you were wondering).

Update, 7:28 p.m.: And the lockout talk by ESPN is officially underway. The players in the Top 10 and Jimmer will be OK if the season is canceled, because they can live pretty comfortably of endorsements made off tonight, but the rest of the drafted talent will suffer if there's no season. Certainly a big risk for the players that came out early.

Update, 7:33 p.m. ESPN opens with one of those annoying songs you always hear on the radio. While ESPN does great work with many sports, the NBA is not its strong point. Much rather be watching Charles Barkley and Friends on TNT tonight.

Update, 7:40 p.m. And the Cavs take Kyrie Irving with the first pick. Let the shoe filling begin.

Update, 7:42 p.m.: If Jordan Williams is to be taken in the first round, one possible destination is Chicago, which holds the 28th and 30th picks. With one big man possibly retiring in Kurt Thomas, a spot on the Bulls' frontline would be there for the taking.

Update, 7:49 p.m.: The South Beachers have the first pick in the second round at 31, and Williams did work out for them during his Around-the-NBA tour over the last month. Big Z, Dampier and Juwan Howard will all be off the roster next season, leaving Pat Riley to scramble this offseason for big man help.

Update, 7:54 p.m.: The Knicks, as they always seem to be, are in a weird spot tonight at No. 17. With Donnie Walsh out the door and their top choice in Jimmer probably going earlier, it's hard to get a read on their plans. Or should I say Isiah's plans?

Update, 8:01 p.m.: Stuart Scott just sang the Canadian National Anthem and that was followed five seconds later by audio issues. Ten seconds too late, unfortunately.

Update, 8:02 p.m.: Kemba Walker bypassed by the Raptors at No. 5. Toronto was long rumored as a place for him. The Wizards have the next pick and already have John Wall at the point, so the next possible location for Kemba is Sacramento with the seventh pick.

Update, 8:08 p.m.: Wizards selection Jan Vesely just set a draft record for longest make-out session. Congrats.

Update, 8:11 p.m.: The Kemba Watch continues. He can't be happy about still being on the board at No. 8. Somewhere, Jim Calhoun is grunting angrily.

Update, 8:16 p.m.: The Bobcats acquired the No. 7 pick from the Kings and take an international player. After botching picks on many Americans as an executive with the Wizards and owner of the Bobcats, Michael Jordan, I guess, is trying to do something different. Might as well.

Update, 8:19 p.m.: No Kemba for the Pistons, aka the UConn alum squad with Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Kemba won't last until No. 17, but the Knicks can dream, can't they?

Update, 8:21 p.m.: From a Jordan Williams perspective, it's has to feel crazy that your life is about to change within the next hour or two. Speaking of Jordan, while in commerical, be sure to check out Rick Wilson's column on him from yesterday. A great piece.

Update, 8:22 p.m.: Kemba finally taken with the ninth pick by the Bobcats. So much for MJ's full blown international movement. The Bobcats already have a point guard in D.J. Augustin, so it'll be interesting to see if one of them gets moved.

Update, 8:33 p.m.: Jimmer gets picked by the Kings, but has to wear a Bucks hat during his interviews because the trade can't be made official yet. Got to love the NBA.

Update, 8:42 p.m.: Worse chemistry: 2009 Mets or the ESPN crew at the desk tonight? Not a lot of energy from the guys tonight.

Update, 8:44 p.m.: The fans of UConn Nation or Country or World (whatever it's called) are up in arms right now on Facebook and Twitter about Kemba falling to No. 9. It's not like he wasn't drafted or got banished overseas. Calm down and enjoy the night.

Update, 8:59 p.m.: Getting closer to the Knicks. Could use a point guard with the achy Chauncey Billups on a one-year deal.

Update, 9:01 p.m.: Nice pick by the Pacers with Kawhi Leonard of San Diego State, a player whose stock went up a lot thanks to a strong NCAA Tournament. And nice suit.

Update, 9:08 p.m.: Off-topic rant: Can someone explain to me how Newark can muster up the funds to build a new NBA/NHL arena, while the XL Center is still, unacceptably, standing? Yes, I'm still bitter about the Whalers. And I will not confirm nor deny I'm wearing a Whalers t-shirt right now.

Update, 9:12 p.m.: The Knicks take Iman Shumpert and David Stern announces he is not in the building. And he should be happy he isn't as the Knick fans in the house boo the pick loudly. On a sidenote, for those into logos and uniforms, the Knicks debuted an altered logo tonight, eliminating the color black from it.

Update, 9:15 p.m.: ESPN provides us with the token Spike Lee interview, acting as if he's an expert.

Update: 9:19 p.m.: Up next locally is the Celtics at No. 25. They are in desperate need of help up front with Shaq retiring, Big Baby maybe leaving as a free agent and Jermaine O'Neal getting hurt every other minute (or so it seems). The first true possibility for Jordan Williams.

Update, 9:27 p.m.: A little Twitter drama brewing from the Knicks. After tweeting several times about his excitement tonight, here's Carmelo's response right after the Knick pick: "Goodnight. I'm out." Not a ringing endorsement if you ask me. Amar'e, on the other hand, was complimentary of the selection.

Update: 9:32 p.m.: Kawhi Leonard traded from the Pacers to the Spurs for George Hill. Leonard will fit in great in San Antonio. Speaking of trades, it's been one very dull night of action. The pending lockout may be playing a role in this.

Update, 9:48 p.m.: Shockingly, Carmelo has signed back onto Twitter and voiced his support to Iman Shumpert: "My man Iman. look forward to working wit u. Hope I can be a great teacher to u." Nice job by Carmelo's agent telling him to do that.

Update, 9:59 p.m.: The Celtics take MarShon Brooks, a guard from Providence. Surprised they took a guard, perhaps a trade is on the horizon.

Update, 10:06 p.m.: Yes, we have a trade with Brooks going to the Nets. According to ESPN, the Nets will take JaJuan Johnson and ship him to Boston.

Update, 10:35 p.m.: We're in the spot of the draft where many have predicted Jordan Williams to go. New Jersey is up in three picks, they could use help up front.

Update, 10:41 p.m.: Jordan Williams has been drafted by the New Jersey and soon to be Brooklyn Nets with the 36th pick.

Update, 10:50 p.m.: Few thoughts on Jordan - The opportunity for playing time will be considerable off the Nets bench. They are a team in transition and other than Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries, have little depth on the front line. Williams will have to work hard on the defensive end as head coach Avery Johnson demands perfection on that side of the floor. For his family and friends, this is a great spot to be picked. His home games will only be two hours away (pending traffic on the GW, of course) and they won't have to purchase the NBA League Pass as all the Net games are on YES, a channel carried here locally. Congrats to Jordan, from winning a state title as a freshman sixth man for Torrington High School to the 50-point games and broken backboards as a senior, this is one of the great stories in Litchfield County sports history. It will be an interesting ride for him, his family and all who follow him.

Update, 11:01 p.m.: Personal challenge to Jordan: Get better seats for your family than the ones in the picture posted earlier tonight.

Update, 11:08 p.m.: Before wrapping this up, I wanted to make sure there were no trades brewing with the Nets and that doesn't appear to be the case. Great night for the Williams family, Torrington and all of Litchfield County. Be sure to check out for continuing coverage. On Friday, we'll have reaction from the Nets and reaction from Jordan, eventually, as well. Thanks for reading.

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