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Of Granddaughters and Softball......

POSTED April 18, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

After the events on Monday in Boston, it was even easier to get lost playing softball with my 8-year old granddaughter Skyy on Wednesday afternoon.

It's never hard to hang out with the high energy, marvelously bright Skyy Elizabeth who reminds me each time I see her how cool it is to be "Pa".

That's me you see. 

No grandpa (I'm real good with that) just "Pa"

Normally used in a sentence that features a "Oh Pa or stop Pa or why can't you get the joke Pa?"

A laugh from this little one can last days, get her going and it's all over for all involved.

We had a Bronx Zoo trip planned for Wednesday but Skyy had joined a local softball team and had practice at 5:30 in Winsted.

Too many times in life we have done those crazy, get up early, run like crazy, get to wherever we were going, look around like Chevy Chase did when he got to the Grand Canyon with Aunt Edna tied to the roof  of his beat up station wagon, then rush home or to the next gig in somebodies life! 

You know, I had that wagon.

When my wife Deb and I first got married, that was the vehicle.

Seven people (six girls and me) crammed into a wagon that had the roof matting hanging down, just enough to bother the heck out of you like a spider dancing on your head.

Using unusually good judgment (I think we used to like that frantic pace) Deb and I called off the Zoo and spent the day with the little one.

Yeah, I'll call her that when she is 20 or so and get a "Pa please!". 

Can't wait for that one.

Deb picked up friends at the airport on Tuesday then swung by Winchester to pick up the apple of her eye.

I got home just before them and since I heard softball was to be played, made sure to pick up a couple of softballs for batting practice on Wednesday with Pa on the mound.

That and a bat. Thank goodness I have  K-Mart on my route with Frito Lay, makes for easy pickup when needed.

A game of catch was in order before dinner, then chow and a movie (Mr. Poppers Penguins, a new favorite) before viewing "Splash".

Splash is that show were people you may or may not know dive with the help of Greg Luganis from heights that make you dizzy watching.

Loved seeing Kareem-Abdul Jabbar dive, from the lower levels he just had to bend over and he reached the water at seven feet plus.

There is a special kind of joy in the house when Skyy is over.

She enjoys playing with her Guinea pig (I call it a hamster, which drives her nuts) or making cakes or cookies which we all devour.

Wednesday was a busy schedule day for all three of us.

Deb and Skyy had to go to one of Deb's clients house to do some work (wink, wink. Big yard, lots of things to play with and on) while Pa went out to sell some ads fo this project you are ready from now.

It was a tight schedule; work till two, hit a field somewhere in Torrington by three, dinner out by five and practice by 5:30.

We hit Toro Field in Torrington and got some hitting and fielding practice in.

One thing is for sure, the kid has an arm. Might not know where the ball is going all the time but she can push some distance.

Working on the control.

At the plate? Solid contact once she got used to the new 21 ounce bat I bought.

I short order, Deb and I were running all over the field to fetch balls.

Good times.

Pa did show off with a couple of deep outfield shots tossing the ball up to myself.

It's still cool to impress ones granddaughter with some power!

From Toro, we hit Bachi's in Torrington for some steak and salad before heading up Route 8 for her practice.

I didn't embarrass her with two many photo ops but got enough in to post for family and friends to see.

Practrice lasted until a bit after 7 and it was time for some Dairy Queen and an end to a terrific day.

These 8-years old's have a remarkable ability to keep going, although I think Skyy slept well like her grandparents did.

I will not be one of those grandparents who thinks thier grandchild is the best player on the planet.

She will earn what she earns. Just watching her have fun doing something I have done most of my life and write about on a regular basis is more that enough for me.

When she got her Bumble-Bee's (nickname, like the little Yellowjackets) shirt and cap, she was one happy young lady and she beamed.

A cool sight for both Deb and I.

As most people said after Monday, make sure you hold them close, give them a big hug and tell 'em you love 'em.

Got to do all those things over a 24-hour period with one very special young lady.



On another family note. My daughter Kim, who works at Modern Motors in Thomaston as a salesperson, got a chance to do something real cool on Wednesday as well.

Her dealership was visited by the Yes Network, the home of the New York Yankees.

The network was in Thomaston to film a 15-second commercial and Kim was to be in it.

As a Met's fan, I tried to get her to slip a David Wright jersey by them but it was Jeter all the way.

No breaks.

The commercial will air on Tuesday, April 23 during the Yankees broadcast.

Okay, now I have to either watch or DVR a Yankee game. Really?

That's some fatherly love right there.

Very proud of the job Kim is doing, selling cars is not an easy gig but she has found her zone and feels unstoppable.

Congrats, Kim, I'll watch, I promise.

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