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Of Mother Nature, Jeter, Fred Williams.....

POSTED February 13, 2014
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson



        An ode to Mother Nature,


            Okay noble lady you have punished enough

            With shots of the bitter and that nasty white stuff

            We salute your power on every day

            But with all due respect please, please go away

            We long for the sun and the touch of Spring

            Take away this damn winter thing,


                                                With all Sincerity,      

                                                Rick Wilson


He has always been class. Even Yankee haters have to acknowledge that. Derek Jeter is retiring after this season. What can you say except that it has been our pleasure. And kids, if you want a role model look no further than the captain.


            I have covered more games at the Northwestern Regional gym than any other venue. I have watched Fred Williams earn iconic status as he marches towards 600 career wins. I have seen the brilliance of a program that wins and has winners.

            So I’m a little disappointed I didn’t see the Highlanders upset win over Lewis Mills Friday night coming. Probably like many I figured the Spartans to roll without too much of a sweat after dominating the Highlanders just three weeks ago, 39-23.

            I should have known better. Williams’ teams have a habit of doing this. As you look at the schedule you always cast a wary eye at the Northwestern game particularly up there.  Ask Thomaston. The Bears only two league losses a year ago were to the Highlanders. This year Northwestern probably cost the Bears a shot at the BL title by winning the first meeting between the two teams.

            Williams will tell you and rightly so that a lot of it is the players. Players like Emma Beltrandi and Kathleen Wysocki were huge Friday night. But a lot of that comes from Williams.

You never stop learning. I should have known better.


            Hey parents – BEHAVE! Comments in a quiet gym about the refs smoking crack cocaine like I heard the other night are not creative they are just rude, mean and dumb. And that was just one of many. There were some fans issues and it doesn’t need to be that way. You are just embarrassing yourself, your team and the players.


            Congratulations to a couple of newly minted 1,000-point scorers – Wolcott Tech’s Luke Pergola who hit the mark in a 60-39 loss to Bullard Havens and Kiera O’Donnell of Holy Cross who reached the plateau in a 74-36 win over Wilby.

            And how about Crosby’s Tyshon Rogers? Rogers scored 37 points in a 96-75 win over Torrington Friday night. That is real rarified air folks. There are just 8 area players that have ever reached the mark.

 According to the Waterbury Republican they are – Jordan Williams (2,228 – Torrington), Phil Lott (2,212 – Wilby), Matt Curtis (2,263 – Cheshire), Dave Vigeant (2,149 – Litchfield), Jerome Malloy (2,124 – Kennedy), Jessica Mudry (2, 056) Naugatuck.


I’m not one of those who thinks Peyton Manning’s legacy has been ruined by a lousy performance in the Super Bowl.  Is he the best of all time? Probably not. Is he one of the best? Absolutely. I don’t think the Super Bowl changes that. We give too much credit and we give too much blame.


            So long A-Rod, it’s been nice knowing you. That’s about all I have to say about that.


            Three You-Tube clips you should see: Last Play at Shea when Paul McCartney shows up at the end of Billy Joel’s concert at Shea Stadium sending the crowd of more than 55,000 into delirium. Nancy Wilson of Heart singing Stairway to Heaven as Led Zepplin looks and is being honored at the Kennedy Center. McCartney joining Bruce Springsteen on stage in London. All really good stuff.


            Happy Birthday Bill Russell. Try this on for size: 11 NBA titles in 13 years, an Olympic gold medal, two NCAA championships, and a 10-0 record in Game 7s. The greatest champion that ever lived bar none.


            I’m not a big winter guy but I do like watching the Winter Olympics. Football is over, baseball can wait and a little addition to the basketball season doesn’t hurt. Plus there is a rooting interest here. Snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis has been in my house several times during her younger days dressed in all of her Halloween finery. Maybe this is the year to add a gold medal to that silver. So let the ice hockey, figure skating and luge fill the living room for the next couple of weeks.


            Congratulations to Watertown coach Ed Lopes on his 100th win. After years of struggle, the Indians have turned it around nicely in recent times.


             Happy Valentine's Day to all you folks out there.

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