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Perusse earns All-State honors; four other Raiders honored as well in baseball.

POSTED June 02, 2011
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Even though their season ended much too soon, five members of the Torrington baseball team took home some hardware in both the State and Naugatuck Valley League levels.

One, Garrett Perusse, picked up two; All-State and All-NVL.

The senior backstop had a tremendous final season with a league leading five home runs to go along with a gift that made him that much more important to his coach and team.

“Garrett turned into a great team leader this season,” coach Gerry Carbone said, “We thought he would have a solid year, but what he did was so much more than we expected.”

To make All-State takes a special player who makes an impact away from their home town and Perusse did just that.

Perusse hit two of the longest home runs Fuessenich Park has ever seen fly over the walls including one that hit the second floor porch of a building beyond the right field fence.

He also launched a bomb at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury in the Raiders last game of the regular against Sacred Heart.

The insurance claim is pending for the porch shot, although I’m not sure if baseballs are covered in your basic home owners policy.

Carbone has been fortunate to have placed over 20 players on the elite All-State team during his tenure, the last being Connor Bierfeldt two seasons ago.

Perusse was also picked to the All-NVL team with the Raiders center fielder, Welinton Sosa, who had a terrific year for Carbone.

“Welinton has the best arm in the league, is clearly the fastest player on our team and I’m glad the other coaches recognized his effort,” Carbone said.

No many balls evaded the swift footed Sosa, his range and ability to close the gap on well hit balls saved many a run for Raiders pitchers.

Three other players, Bryan Failla, Patrick Austin and Nate Katz, made the All-Copper Division squad for 2011.

Failla, as solid a shortstop as there was in the league this year, is what Carbone calls, “A real hard worker who comes to play every game.”

A table setter, Failla was in the middle of most good things that happened to the Raiders in 2011.

Austin, who found out just before the season started that he had to have surgery on his knee, came back after missing just two weeks and became the ace of the staff.

A lefty with a live arm, Austin battled with the best of them during his senior year for the Raiders.

Nathan Katz, the Raiders right fielder, was energy personified on the diamond, the bench and even in the parking lot for Carbone and the Raiders this season.

“He had his share of game winning hits for us,” Carbone said, “He was one of the team leaders in RBI’s and was a key part of the team.”

Look for most of the Raiders at Fuessenich Park this summer as some play baseball for the American Legion, P-38’s.


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