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Postie joins Lucy. The passing of Dave Post. By Ed Gadomski.

POSTED December 26, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

It's always a shock when you hear news of a friend passing and that's what it was for me when I sat down around 11:30pm last night after a great day of celebrating Xmas with the family to see post after post on Facebook and learn of the passing of Tri-State Legend Dave Post.

I last saw Postie about a year ago when I was picking up a take-out order and he was sitting at the bar at Crabby Al's in Thomaston.

We exchanged a hug and started talking about the Glory Days.

It was obvious how much he missed the love of his life Lucy who had passed a few years prior. Lucy was Postie's wife and the first lady of the Tri-State Baseball league.

Postie managed the Thomaston Spoilers of the Tri-State League for over two decades winning two league titles. Lucy was the 'scorekeeper' at EVERY single game. When you saw Postie, there was Lucy. Where you saw Lucy there was Postie. They were as well known in Amateur Baseball in the Northwest Hills of CT as anyone.

A few years earlier I had received a phone call from a gentleman who lived in Pennsylvania who was writing a book called "Covered Grandstands" and the book included a well-known amateur baseball league from each state in the United States. I was honored they wanted the Tri-State League in the book to represent CT.

The article featured a brief history along with a champions listing dating back to 1934 when the league originated as the Inter-state Baseball league. Each league in the book also featured a story, that story, which was selected by sportswriter Lori Riley, was about the fairytale life of Postie and Lucy.

Unfortunately, Lucy had passed away during the publishing of the book and never got a chance to see it. I asked Postie if he had a copy of the book that day at the bar and he said he never saw it, that he had forgotten about it after Lucy passed away. I told him I had the book and asked him if he wanted it. His eyes lit up and he said “Yes”.

I drove right home, got the book, and delivered it to Postie. There are very few of us who have ever seen Postie cry, he was as tough as nails for sure, but he couldn't hide his emotions that day. Postie wanted nothing more than to be with Lucy. I know the book helped even if it put a smile back on his face for just a moment.

Postie, a Tri-State Hall-Of-Famer, was a great ballplayer in his day and I still believe he had one of the greatest offensive seasons ever by a Tri-State League player in one of my first seasons playing with the Spoilers.

The master of the hidden ball trick, he was short, stocky, and solid and would steal a base because you didn't expect it. He was a left handed masher at the plate that either swung or hit the ball or his helmet paid the price when he bashed himself in the head out of frustration. Postie was the leader of the Thomaston Spoilers on and off the field.

I was reading some of the Facebook posts last night and one said "He was a nut on the field." 

Yes, maybe true, but those of us that really knew him, knew the big heart he had inside as a person.  

Along with Lucy, Tri-State Baseball and the Thomaston Spoilers were his life. Thank you Postie for all that you did for the Tri-State league and Thomaston Baseball. You often hear the saying "he will never be forgotten", never has that line been more appropriate than in Dave Post. We will be talking and laughing about the shenanigans of Postie (and Lucy) for decades to come.

God Bless and say hello to Lucy for all of us.

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