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Rachel Considine salutes her mom, Susan Considine.

POSTED May 15, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Mother’s Day is the one day a year where everyone joins together in celebrating their wonderful mothers.

My sister, Kelly, and I are so lucky that we get to call Susan Considine our mom. She is not only a beautiful, smart, and caring woman, but she is the perfect role model that I have had the privilege of looking up to over the past almost 25 years.

When I was young, my mom and dad took my sister and me to every sports practice, game, and dance recital.

On weekends, they would take us to play tennis, go bike riding, rollerblading, kite flying, or on a trip to the beach, the zoo, an aquarium, or anywhere else we wanted to go.

My mom was always thinking of what she could do for us to make sure we were always having fun.

We were never left with a babysitter because she always wanted herself and my dad to be the ones taking care of us and be the ones that were there for all of the important moments.

I can proudly say that there was never a time when I had to look around and wonder where my parents were. They never missed anything and have always been my biggest supporters in life, something I can’t thank them for enough.

My mom was there for the first basket I ever made in an elementary school basketball game, the last basketball game I ever played to end my athletic career, and every single game in between.

Whether it was a soccer game on a cold night an hour away, a weekend-long AAU basketball tournament, my first volleyball game when I started high school, or a softball game that lasted until dark, my mom was always there.

When I broke my collarbone during my first Varsity basketball game, my mom was the first one out on the court.

I am the luckiest girl to have had this kind of dedication and support throughout my entire life.

Not only was my mom there for the highs and lows of my athletic career, but she was also there to support me academically and now professionally.

She pushed me to work hard in school, and was there to cheer me on as I got my high school diploma, and then again 4 and 5 years later when I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Bentley University.

She couldn’t have been more excited for me when I called to tell her I got a job offer. To this day, she still never fails to let me know that she is proud of all of my accomplishments.

In the past year, even more has changed, as I bought my first condo and moved out. My mom gave me advice, guided me, and supported me in making this big decision.

Even though I no longer live under the same roof, she makes sure to let me know that my parents’ home will always be my home, and I will always be her little girl. I can’t begin to express how wonderful of a person my mom is and how supportive she has been of everything I have done in my life.

Without her guidance, advice, love, and support, I would not be the person I am today. My mom is such a strong woman, and I hope that someday, I will have children that look up to me with the same respect as I have for my mom.

Mom, I love you so much, and can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to raise me to become the person I am today.

I truly appreciate everything you have done for Kelly and I over the years and I hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day - you deserve the very best!

Love, Rachel


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