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Raider Lexi Reginatto signs to Cheer at Division I, Coastal Carolina University. And there were cookies...

POSTED May 14, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Now that’s how you throw a Division I signing party.

Be warned, future Raiders who look to compete at the highest level in college, Raider senior Lexi Reginatto has set the bar oh, so very high.

The Cheerleading and Track star signed on to be part of an elite group of Coastal Carolina University Cheerleaders on Tuesday in the THS school library in front of family, friends and coaches.  

What about that higher level you ask? Okay, I’ll tell you.

Your run of the mill signing ceremony, a very big deal at any school, usually consists of a banner on the front of a table, a hat or two with that school’s logo on it and lots of smiles.

Sure, most of that was there but I don’t think I have covered the kind of display Reginatto put together for her big event.

It included a tablecloth, a professionally made sign that announced her commitment to the University and a backdrop with the team’s logo, the Chanticleers (come on, even that’s unique!) and for the winning touch, cookies.

I’m not sure if the senior multi-sport star had time to make the cookies but, hey, her classmates were pretty happy about it and her Athletic Director proud.

“She (Lexi) has done everything that has been asked of her here at Torrington High School,” AD Mike McKenna said. “She’s been a fantastic member of the track team for four years and as a member of the Cheer team. She also gets it done in the classroom.”

Perhaps some of this came out of being part of a very competitive family, what with her older brother Jay an All-State basketball player for the Raiders during his day.

There were a couple of schools on her bucket list, but one always stood out.

“Regardless of the other schools Coastal has always been first on my list.” Reginatto said. “I love the Myrtle Beach area as I have been vacationing there my entire life. I applied within the first week of my senior year and with rolling admission was accepted September 20th in the first round of acceptances. I knew I wanted to cheer at Coastal ever since my sophomore year and had been preparing ever since. It has always been a dream of mine to cheer on a Division I team.”

Getting students to this threshold is what it’s all about at THS.

“This is what we are here for as educators,” McKenna said. “To see these kids move on whether it be in sports or academics in college. This is the next phase of their life and hopefully we have prepared them properly.”

To get to this point took some effort, a trip, some confidence and a whole lot of support from family and friends.

Let’s not forget about the pressure packed four days just before Easter when Reginatto had to try out and interview for her spot on the team.      

“On Wednesday I went to school for a half day and then flew out later that afternoon.” Reginatto said. “While at the airport I prepared myself for my possible interview questions such as what was the head coaches names for the sports the team cheers for. On Thursday I spent the day relaxing on the beach. Come Friday I was well ready to start the first round of tryouts. Within the first 30 minutes the first evaluation was done, and the first group of girls were cut. The following morning consisted of two sessions where five evaluations were made and at the end of the second session interview times were picked. Sunday morning, I dressed in my business attire and went to my interview at 10 a.m.”

How ready was this Raider?  

“As nervous as I was to be sitting in front of the coach and two captains,” Reginatto said. “I had been prepared for the possible questions I would be asked. It wasn’t until four o’clock that the list of names was posted on the basketball gym doors. When I searched the list of names, I was so excited to find mine on it.”

Once at CCU, Reginatto will be majoring in Recreation and Sports Management with a goal of becoming an athletic agent for professional players looking to make it in the WNBA or NBA.

With the competitive nature of this young lady, don’t doubt, she’ll be there.

NOTES: You will be able to read a more in-depth story on Reginatto in the next edition of the Litchfield County Sports Magazine due out the end of May, including how this stellar career in Cheerleading nearly didn’t happen if not for a very determined mom.

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