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Raiders football rolling along. Top offensive team in State.

POSTED October 05, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: The Torrington High School football team is working inside some pretty rarified are so far this 2015 season.

Their 4-0 mark is their best start since Ronald Reagan called the White House his home (1987) and if they get by Oxford on the road on Thursday night a 6 p.m., they would return home to take on two of the other big dogs in the Naugatuck Valley League, Wolcott (4-0) and Ansonia (3-0).

It’s all working right now for the Raiders. Offensively, the team owns the highest scoring unit in the State, scoring 205 points in those four wins.

Connor Finn is leading the team at quarterback and has so many weapons at his disposal, led by a running game that is simply running through people at this moment.

Whether it be from their “Monster” package or from straight sets, the offensive line, led by seniors Kobe Covington, Eric Mayerjack, Stefan LaForge and Keanu Mendiola have been opening crater like holes at times for their backs.

Who do teams focus on in the running game?

Pick your poison, it’s still going to make you ill if you focus on Tyler Marens because Newton Frias will run wild. Or focus on Frias and Ignacio Reynoso might just go for 75-yards and a score.

Throw in the occasional pitch to Zack Mancini and you get the message, there is no answer at times.

The team seems to thrive most in that feared “monster” package that bunches the offense up, sets one man in motion who may or may not get the ball and good luck stopping whoever gets the rock.

In the passing game, Mancini and Finn hooked up three times against Naugatuck during a 50-point second half while Nate Bresson and Finn connected on a pair of wide open score against Derby in the monsoon rains on Friday night.

Scoring at a rate of 50 plus points per game will probably not last, especially against Wolcott (12 points per game) and Ansonia (less than five points per game in their three games) but don’t tell that to the Raiders.

There is a certain air of maturity with these Raiders. The mentality of scoring a touchdown then handing the ball to the referee is in full swing and they have been handing the rock to the men in stripes at an alarming rate this year.

Just ask the four teams that went home shaking their heads after going down to defeat at the hands of a team that is riding high as the approach the halfway point of the 2015 campaign on Thursday night at Oxford.

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