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Ramblings from the desk of Mr. Gaff. Patrick Higgins and the New York Mets.

POSTED April 13, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON- Don’t look now but it appears spring may just be in the air.

I know, I just ruined it. Break out the snow blower.

Here’s what swirling around, aside from the allergens.

…We taped a Litchfield County Sports road show on Monday night at the Litchfield Saltwater Grille. Want to thank our friend, Andy Stowers for allowing us to use the loft above the bar and dining area so we could do a pair of half hour shows.

Rick Wilson and I hosted with special guest, Patrick Higgins from WAPJ.

Higgins, a former Wolcott Tech Wildcat football standout, is an up and coming media star who hosts his own show on Friday mornings between 10-11 a.m. called “Friday Morning Sports Talk”.

Its 60-minutes of high energy entertainment that covers everything from local topics to the national scene.

He has done play by play for Torrington football and baseball while spending parts of his summer high atop Fuessenich Park broadcasting Torrington Titans games.

Keep an eye on this kid, he’s going places.

…Since Yoenis Cespedes started bring a new ridiculous car or horse to spring training in March, I didn’t have a good feeling about the 2016 New York Mets.

Last time I checked, the average fan had to sell a limb to get quality seat at Citi Field, forget about getting something to eat. That may cost you the car you drove in and paid the outrageous price to park.

Spring training was awful so it is no surprise to me that the regular season started the same way.

A 2-5 start should not be a shock to anyone.

It all starts with the player who was supposed to be the savior when he came up three years ago but has turned out to be more hype than reality.

Matt Harvey, a Connecticut native, was nicknamed “The Dark Knight” by the media who was looking for something to write about after many a dark year in Queens.

While a quality pitcher for certain, Harvey seems to want to make sure he stays in the spotlight both on and off the diamond.

He dates supermodels, he has the life most would want but his agent is Scott Boras and you just have a feeling he is just waiting until the Mets no longer control his contract so he can bolt (perhaps to the Bronx) for the biggest pay day he can find.

All that is his right and by no means am I denying it to him but he did some damage to his reputation last year with the innings limit debate that he himself made worse every time he spoke.

I don’t blame him for wanting to come back out in the fifth game of the World Series last fall which showed some guts. That it didn’t work out wasn’t the point. He wanted the ball.

At this moment though, the ace of this staff to me is clearly the 6’7, 270 pound flame thrower nicknamed “Thor”, Noah Syndergaard.

The kid has electric stuff and a mound presence to boot.

Jacob deGrom would be my number two starter at the moment that is if he was not burnt out a year ago when he and his fellow starters threw more innings then they ever did before.

The hitting is anemic, something Cespedes was supposed to help with but had a terrible September and October last season.

For 75 million dollars over three years, I also think a guy could catch a liner (opening day at KC) or play a ball that is sitting at the base of the fence (spring training joke).

Money can’t buy chemistry.

The team didn’t win it all last year and as a matter of fact, the team is 2-8 in the two World Series they have been in over the past 15 years.

There should be no hangover from October of 2015 when the Royals dispensed of them pretty easily.

If anything there should be a pain filled headache that should serve as a motivator to want to come back and take care of business in 2016.

So far, I see nothing that fills me with confidence.

I hope they prove me wrong.

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