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Ramblings from the Desk of Mr. Gaff. Rich Elliott, the NFL and Turf Committee news.

POSTED January 09, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s rambling time.

I start today at a sad and troubling place where we first saw the signs of their demise and took steps to stay ahead of the curve.

I’m talking about two fellow scribes, Rich “Rusty” Elliott and William Paxton, two excellent beat reporters who have covered the University of Connecticut women and men’s basketball beat for more than a decade.

Elliott is a former Torrington High School football standout who played under legendary Coack K during his career.

On Monday, both were let go by their publication, the Connecticut Post out of Bridgeport, which felt that readers could get their UConn news somewhere else.

True, one can find information about both teams in numerous places, including here but that’s simply not the point.

Readers like certain writers. Their writers who bring their own unique point of few to the same game dozens are writing about.

It’s why people flock to the writing of guys on our staff like Rick Wilson, Patrick Tiscia, John Nestor or John Torsiello. It may be the same subject that many are covering but we strive to bring it to you in a different way.

Most are scratching their heads over this one. You couldn’t find something for two talented and dedicated writers to do to help sell your paper?

Having either of them at a high school game would thrill the local community and those who play the game and get the paper daily.

It is the nature of the beast today. It’s the reason we created Litchfield County and why we are convinced that we hold the key to the journalistic future.

We all started in print but I think we are all going to end online.

That’s not a bad thing, it’s realistic. Print will always have a place, I like to read a local paper as well as the next guy but with earlier and earlier deadlines and space restrictions, the World Wide Web is clearly the place to be.

Here’s hoping these two fine writers pick up something bigger and better and we wish them nothing but the best of luck in the future.

Hope to see you out there.

-----The National Football League playoffs are meaningless in the Gaffney household at this point. The New York Jets have been out of it since September and when the Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night, it was over.

Mrs. Gaffney, who celebrates a birthday today (Happy Birthday honey and yes I did remember a card and gifts), is a die-hard Steeler fan to the point that we all focused on all things black and gold for Christmas.

A Terrible Towel, a helmet (daughters Jillian and Jaimie) that hold chips and dip (no kidding) and a bag to take to the beach if it ever gets warm again, were all under the tree this year but they did not help.

As soon as the boys from the Steel City beat Cincinnati and earned a trip to see the Ravens (our next store neighbor actually has a replica raven perched off his deck, facing our yard) who always play them tough, I knew it was trouble.

That and the leg injury to star back Le’Veon Bell who only did everything for the team this year.

-----The Torrington Turf Committee meets next Wednesday, January 14 to discuss where things stand in their attempt to secure bids for the new netting needed at Torrington High School near the visitors stand by Route 8.

The suddenly too close for cover state highway, thanks to extreme tree cutting that left a clear path for soccer balls or humans to find their way to a dangerous situation.

With our friend Ed Arum and Mario Longobucco leading the charge once again, it will get done at no cost to the taxpayers and certainly without help for the Torrington Board of Education.

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