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Reviewing the remarkable month that was June of 2016. Part one of three.

POSTED July 02, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Now that was a month.

It’s not often that when I rip the just ended month off of the large desk calendar that I glance back and say “Wow that was a month for the ages”.

In this case though, it really was.

June began with a trip to see my old friends at WZBG to do a promotional spot for the upcoming Kidsmarathon with Rod Dixon.

Talking with the one and only Dale Jones is always a pleasure that inevitably includes plenty of smiles and a joke or two.

The 2016 Kidsmarathon, the brainchild of Dixon, was being held at the Robert H. Frost Complex at Torrington High School for the first time and we needed to get word out about the change from Plum Hill in Litchfield to the home of the Raiders.

Little did I know how much my role would change with the magnificent project that is Kidsmarathon but more on that later.

Dixon and I continued the promo tour with one of the up and coming stars in the field of radio and television in the area, the young man known as the “Rabid Possum”, Patrick Higgins.

Higgins host an energetic Friday Morning Talk Show on, uniquely enough, Friday mornings at 10 a.m. and Dixon and I spent a good 30-minutes talking about his life experiences in the New York City Marathon, his Olympic games and his pride and joy that is Kidsmarathon.

The biggest event in June was the Second Annual LCS Torrington High School Banquet and during this first week of June, I was in high gear wrapping my head around every last detail of the event.

I had met with the fine folks at Lily and Vine that week as we finalized details on the flower arraignments they would be supplying for the event. What they did was absolutely stunning and made the night that much more amazing.

Saturday, June 4 was the Fifth Annual Varsity Alumni Club 5K run at the high school, one of my favorite events at the school, one that brings back alumni from THS and is run by some of the best people who continue to support the student/athletes.

Sunday, June 5 was the Torrington “Gold T” Banquet, held at Chatterley’s in Torrington, the site of our banquet four days later.

I was able to do a little recon that day as I envisioned how I wanted the room set up and spent time with some great people who also make it their business to support the young people at Torrington High School.

Things ramped up during the first full week of the sixth month of the year as banquet grew closer but first was a Tuesday that featured two big events.

The first was the Final Mile of the Kidsmarathon at THS, which featured nearly 600 kids and a couple hundred families, friends and supporters.

After helping set up the event with Dixon, THS AD Mike McKenna and Bill Burgess, the final leg of the participant’s 26.2 mile journey was completed in grand style, led by the every joyous Dixon and announced by our friend, Brent Hawkins.

Once the athletes made their back to the track, it was time to hit the road for Stratford and the Torrington softball team’s semi-final match up against the top team in the state, Fitch.

Raiders girls basketball head coach Mike Fritch was kind enough to drive and kept score of a 3-0 loss to the Gatorade Player of the Year, Caroline Taber and Fitch. An honorable showing against a top team, led by their outstanding junior pitcher, Ali Dubois who showed us all a little something at the end of the year.

Dubois hurled a perfect game and a no-hitter on the Raiders impressive run up to the unfamiliar territory of the Class L semi’s but with most of the team back in 2017, another visit may just be in their future.

That takes us up to the 2nd Annual All-Torrington High School Banquet which will start off the next part of this three part series on one remarkable month that was June.











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