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Rich Romanchick and the Torrington Warriors. The gridiron feeder system to THS.

POSTED September 15, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: He wears his colors proud and out in front.

Even when he is off, he’s on duty, promoting a program that he puts his heart and soul into and it’s been paying dividends at the next level for many half a dozen years.

I’m talking about Rich Romanchick, one the coaches of the Torrington Warriors football program, in particular the oldest group, the 13U and 12U team.

On any given Sunday (sorry I went there) in the fall, you can find the Warriors at the Torrington Middle School, doing battle with teams from around the area in a league that is essential to the future of Torrington High School action on the gridiron as any out there.

Just look at the current multi-talented senior class that plays for head coach Gaitan Rodriguez and once dominated the playing fields as members of the Warriors.

Connor Finn, Tyler Marens, Nate Bresson, Kobe Covington, Stephan LaForge, Zack Mancini, Nick Pinatti, Keanu Mendiola and Erik Mayerjak are key members of the 2015 Raiders.

Torrington plays in the Connecticut Allied League and plays eight games a season, four at home and four on the road.

From the last Monday in July until mid-December you can find the teams, which used to be called Pop Warner or Pee-Wee depending on the age group, packing in their share of parents, friends and relatives for a game day experience that can be put up against most.

Five different groups of players, starting at 9U and going up to 13U, take players from a starting point of third grade all the way up to seventh and eighth.

Along with the football program, a talented and deep Cheer Program that numbers in the mid-50’s right now, work to support the teams and make their way to the varsity field at the Robert H. Frost.

When you stop in to see Romanchick or when you talk with him as we did when he came on our Cable 5 Show on Monday night along with Rodriguez, his love of football and competitive nature are always front and center.

His son Zander is a lineman for the oldest group and is coached by his father while the trophies in dad’s office beam the pride his takes in being involved.

Safety is front and center with the program and each coach is certified in all concussion protocols, a huge priority nowadays as parents, coaches and players maintain a heightened awareness of the issue that goes from the first day of contact to the national Football League.

The numbers (107) in the program this year are down since their high five years ago but the sport is still immensely popular, even at this level with large turnouts for practice and the games.

If you need an extra helping of football these next few Sundays, make your way up the TMS and take a look at the future at THS.

….Great job not only by Romanchick and Rodriguez but by our first show guest, Christine Strawson Gamari.

If there is a classier or brighter young lady who constantly competes while maintaining a high standard of dignity and grace, I’ve yet to meet her.

One of the best, thanks for coming on.

The Gamari show will air on Thursday, September 24 at 8 p.m. while the football segment will run on Cable 5 on Thursday, October 1, also at 8 p.m.

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