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Rick Wilson wishes his mom a Happy Mother's Day

POSTED May 11, 2014
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson





            There has always been an elegance there. The kind that speaks class without words ever being spoken. You know it is there, you sense it and feel it, you don’t need to be told it.

            That’s my mom. It starts on the outside, appearance belying reality, looking 20 years younger than the calendar would have you believe. A lot of her mother there, a woman who never looked anywhere near her age, despite the relentless movement of time. Only by knowing the relative ages of my mom’s five kids would you be aware of the neighborhood of the real number.

            But elegance in appearance is only a minor part of it all. It is an elegance of life.  What’s been done and the way it has been handled. We have learned and we have prospered in many ways and in so many ways mom was and is the example that has shown the way.

            She stirred our differing interests in education, sports, politics and life in general. She saluted the highs and helped us handle the inevitable lows. She started out as mom and will always be mom. Along the way she became friend.              

            We all have our families now – Gary, Laura, myself, Nancy-Lynne and Lee yet she remains the glue and connecting point to it all. A special lady, an accomplished lady and most importantly my mom.

            On this Mother’s Day, allow me to share a few `thanks’ with a large dose of love to my mom.


            Thanks For:


            Not disowning me when we burned down the garage although I am still not convinced that we were responsible.

            Making Block Island our vacation spot, one of the last best places on earth. Worthy of a lifetime of memories.

            Sharing vacations to Scotland, England and France. Elegant places with an elegant lady.

            Putting up with a guy that works too much now but got off to a slow start in his post-college life.

            Being a great grandmother to Jonathan. For baby-sitting him in the early years, taking him to Disney, to the movies, out to eat and being the best Nana there can be.

            Being the centerpiece to a family that has done a pretty good job of keeping a big family together.

            Being a tremendous example of civic responsibility – Candidate for First Selectman, first woman on the Board of Finance, Board of Education member, Planning Zoning Commission, School Building Committee, Town Moderator, Republican Town Chairman and any other job I’ve assuredly forgotten. Thomaston has been very, very lucky.

            One great voice. Your singing helped inspire an interest in music and was always a pleasure to listen to.

            Helping pay for my wedding. The check is in the mail. Well, maybe.

            Allowing us to turn your backyard into one of the great sports complexes anywhere. Softball park, golfing range, football field. All complete with broken windows, dirt spots where grass once flourished and a constant surplus of kids.

            Going easy on me when I skipped school in sixth grade.

            Finally figuring out that those weren’t my cigarettes under the bathtub in Gramma Wilson’s house. Although it took about 30 years for my sister to finally fess up.

            Showing me the joy in the diversity of life. You have watched wrestling with me and Andre Rieux at the Webster Center. We have sat through Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and sipped Bloody Marys on the front porch of the National Hotel on Block Island. So many dramatically different events yet your willingness to share in the experience was always there.

            Not referring to juvenile authorities when I set the mattress on fire.

            All the help getting through college and the support for the Master’s Degree.

            The encouragement in the writing career.

            Running a top notch nursery school for years and all the children you set off on the right path.

            Making the best sauerbraten, Illinois chicken and pot roast around. A cook to behold, who could even make chicken livers and rice appetizing.

            Showing an immense amount of courage during dad’s battle with cancer and to continue to show that life goes on and can go on well even after the darkest moments.

            Introducing me to the First Congregational Church and all that has enriched a life from that connection.

            Sharing some time at Disney with me, one of both of our really special places.

            Taking me to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York.

            Just sitting around and talking. Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

            Selling Caroline and myself your house and having the chance to keep it in the family complete with all the fond memories of a fun childhood.

            All the support at the high school basketball games and later on when I was playing with Skider’s Gym softball team.

            The Christmas shopping trips.

            Being you.


            Yep, my mom looks elegant on the outside. But it’s her life that is really elegant. So much there. Great voice, Boston University, a diversity of interests and accomplishment. I like the way my mom looks, I love the life she has lived.

            Even more so, I love that I am her son. Her love and all that has come with it has helped make my life the joy that it is.

            Happy Mother’s Day with a lot of respect and much love Mom.



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