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Rodriguez never misses a teachable moment.

POSTED October 06, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: There was less than a minute left in the game that had been out of hand since the half.

With the Wolcott Eagles firmly in control of an eventual 44-7 win over Torrington, they were preparing to break out the victory formation on two final snaps of the ball.

This age old tradition of taking a knee includes an understanding that the defensive team will not rush the passer, rather come up as one with the offensive line in a show of respect and sportsmanship.

Last week against the St Paul Falcons, the Raiders got a little too aggressive in a similar situation that didn’t sit well with the coaches of Torrington, especially head Coach Gaitan Rodriguez.

It’s simply an understanding that the game is over, let it go and fight to play another day.

On Friday night in a similar situation, one Raider player launched himself into the offensive lineman across from him, setting off a pushing and shoving match.

Rodriguez, who is drawing praise from coaches throughout the Naugatuck Valley League for what he is trying to do with his team, headed toward the middle of the line after letting the referee know he needed to make sure his players did the right thing.

The clock ran down without another play but it showed the passion, commitment and devotion the first year coach has when it comes to teaching his players how to play the game the right way, every play down to the last play.

Changing people’s perception of Torrington football has been his mission since being named head coach earlier this year and it’s working.

Coach after coach has sung the praises of a man trying to be sure his teams win on the field, off the field and in the classroom.

The Raiders will get there, their leader does not know the meaning of quitting.  

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