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Rumblings from the desk of Mr. Gaff. This ugly election and MLB let down.

POSTED October 14, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: What’s going on?

Here’s a look at some of the things rolling around this Irish brain of mine.

…The Political Climate: Jeez, where do I begin?

Throughout my 58 years on this sphere, I have seen my fair share of hotly contested election cycles but none has come close to the mean spirited, negative, hostile, explosively divisive one we find ourselves fortunately close to the end or to Armageddon, whichever comes first.

I’m not picking sides or telling you who is right or wrong but the way this entire process has played out is simply embarrassing for our country which, I will say, has always been and will always be great.

Sometimes the slogans the campaigns come up with just boggle my mind.

Let’s put ourselves down, let’s stress the negative. Yeah, that’ll work.

I feel for my granddaughter, not because of the old stand-by line of “Our kids and grandkids will suffer” but because this is close to becoming the new norm.

The level of hatred and anger is disgraceful.

I’ve always said that a president has far less to do with my everyday life than my cities mayor or states governor.

My own personal economy is based on how hard I work tomorrow and the next day and the one after that.

I’ve never lost a job I didn’t deserve too and didn’t succeed at one without deserving it as well.

What we have to be careful with and try to gain back is the civility that has been a big casualty over the past year and a half.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems or for that matter, as good as it seems. Life falls somewhere in the middle most days.

So as we approach two monumental days, the first on October 23 when The Walking Dead returns (shout out to fellow scribe, Rich Elliott) and on November 8th when we elect one poor sucker who will be disliked by more people than liked, remember one thing.

Your neighbors will still be your neighbors. Your town or city will succeed based on what we each put into it and our kids will need to use that little gadget that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones used in Men in Black to erase all memories of the out of this world ridiculously insane behavior we adults have portrait.

…Is it me or having the Blue Jays play the Indians just seems weird, kind of anti-climactic.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the year of the Oldest Curse in history (The Cubs 108), versus a team that waited forever (The Red Sox) before winning more than most teams do over the past decade plus?

Now we might get one wish with the Cubbies holding up their end of the bargain but the Sox got turned away at the door by the Tribe, a team I never expect to play well this time of the year.

Big Papi didn’t get a chance to go out like he or anyone else would have liked to see (this Mets fan included) but it is what it is.

My “Made for October” tee shirt arrived today, eight days after the NY team from Queens was sent home so that figures.

It’s a large (not extra-large) and it fits, that’s all that matters.

On that subject, the number sits at 32 lost. Down to 210.5. Looking to lose another 11 so I can see that magic 1 show up before the other two numbers on the scale.

Congrats also to my good friend, Rick Wilson for working on his health and last time I checked, he was approaching the 15 pounds down mark.

It’s a great thing that I see happening all around me. Friends young and old looking to extend their time on this rock by giving up some of the things that could shorten their journey.

…That’s it for today. Time to get ready for another tremendous day in this great country we call America!   




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