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Saying goodbye to a month we won't soon ever forget.

POSTED March 31, 2020
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Okay, so the longest month in the history of months is finally, and mercifully coming to a close.

March of 2020. Yikes. Not going to go down as a crowd favorite by any means but certainly will be remembered as the month that changed everything.

I’m not sure in the “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” can even apply.

More like in like a lion, out finally.

As the Coronavirus crisis changed the world as we knew it just about three weeks ago, those 21 days have been filled with doubt, fear, astonishment and a new-normal here in Connecticut that has most of us searching for new ways to keep ourselves from going stir crazy.

After a pretty mild February and first two weeks of March, the temperatures have taken a turn downwards just when we needed to be outside (separate from others!) as much as we could.

For parents who have become teachers, a couple of warm days would be just what the doctor ordered and hopefully those days are coming.

So, we start April.

We start this month like no other in this country’s history. Mostly closed.

No sports, local or pro for now until who knows when.

Three quarters of the population of this massive country we call the USA are under some sort of stay home, stay safe order.

It’s normally quiet on the street where I live up on Heights Drive but lately, it’s too quiet. Something out of a movie at times except for the occasional bike rider of skate border.

Because I work from home on a normal basis, that part of all of this has not bothered me as much.

Sure, trips to the grocery store are more strategic than they used to be although I’ve always been a mission shopper when I hit them.

Don’t have to worry about me clogging up an aisle or standing too long in one place.

Staying busy working on the next edition of the Litchfield County Sports magazine which will be out late April featuring a cover story on the Torrington boys’ basketball team championship campaign with Rick Wilson telling the story.

Also featured will be stories on former THS athletic director and current administrator, Charlie McSpiritt and Raider three sports and out Marissa Burger.

Mr. Wilson has a story on the 25th Anniversary of a remarkable Wamogo girls basketball team which will certainly be a great read.

Parents of school aged kids in the Torrington school district will also be receiving the latest edition of “Celebrating Excellence” in their mail for some quality reading that features a look back to a time when education was taught in schools!

Who knew?   

So, for now, sit tight or better yet, subscribe to the LCS magazine for some great reads while we work to get through this together!

Stay well everyone.

We have this.

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