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Special Announcment. LCS to add positive news section to site.

POSTED March 25, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON-We at LCS have taken great pride in bringing you positive stories that point out what’s going right in the sports world, not what you find in many outlets that seek out and exploit the negative.

It’s always been our thinking that that’s simply lazy journalism which requires little or no effort on said media outlets part.

We strive to be better than that and with that in mind, we are proud to announce an expansion of the LCS brand to include a section that will point out what’s going right in the City of Torrington.

That’s right, not only will we point out what’s working and who’s making things happen on the sports side but also the who, what, where and when of what’s going right in the city.

Lord knows we need some good news at a time when massive budget cuts are on the table here in T-Town and across the way in Hartford.

There is plenty going right here and we will bring you, once a week to start, some of that good news.

Positive re-enforcement has helped reshape the way folks are looking at Torrington High School, which took some pretty big hits a few years back that cast a shadow over the school which we have helped lift.

We intend on doing the same on the news side.

Stay tuned for the roll-out date.


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