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Summer thoughts

POSTED July 03, 2013
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

After a vacation-packed June, I'm back and ready to talk.

Without wasting more time...

As a Bristol resident for five years, to say the Aaron Hernandez saga has been demoralizing would be the understatement of the year. Hernandez and his family are/were like royalty in this town and for Bristol to be front and center in the National news for something other than ESPN has been a nightmare for many local residents.

I fully realize the "innocent before proven guilty" part of any case. But it's hard to see any way Hernandez wasn't involved in Odin Lloyd's murder, or the several other allegations that have come up since this story broke. Just a sad story of someone wasting their talent and life.


I can't think of an alleged star player I'd rather not have on my team than Dwight Howard. Between the injuries, the self-centered drama and the fact he will eat up your entire salary cap, I'd stay away. Far away. You're not winning a championship with him as your best player and are better off taking his money and spreading around to solid role players.


Speaking of divas, nice to see A-Rod picking up right where he left off from last year's postseason, grounding into a double play and striking out in his season debut in Single A. I don't see this, whether it's his injuries or possible steroid suspension, ending well. Do you?


Every time I step into Fuessenich Park, I seem to see something new. These days when you go to the field, you see local advertising all over the outfield fence, including this esteemed web site. For a team like the Torrington Titans, advertising is a vital business tool and in his first months on the job, the Titans seem to have found a winner in Ed Gadomski, the team's new General Manager.


I took my yearly trip to Camden Yards last weekend to see the Yankees get crushed, and just like every year, I ask the same question: How did the Yankees not follow the template of this stadium when building their own? Camden Yards was built 13 years before the Yankees broke ground on their new stadium, yet the Yankees ended up with a far less superior venue. Depressing to say the least.


And, finally, congrats to LeBron on his second straight title. Though, if Kawhi Leonard was able to catch LeBron's brick at the end of Game 6, we'd be currently in the midst of a crazy NBA offseason with daily questions whether the Heat should be broken up. It's crazy how one botched rebound changes the course of everything.

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