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Sunday meanderings

POSTED April 10, 2011
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                                     Sunday meanderings

 Gaffney is in Florida seeking nirvana and a spot on the Tampa Rays roster, replacing Manny. Our good friend Dennis Fowler has taken up his pen and given us his five most memorable games during his seven-year stint as the Lewis Mills girls basketball coach.

Pat Tiscia is on assignment in search of the five miles an hour or so that Phil Hughes has lost on his Yankee fastball so far. Everybody is busy. Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m just kind of sitting here chillin’, just emerging from the vestiges of the basketball season.

So, a few thoughts on a gray Sunday morning as I pray for a Phil Mickelson miracle at the Masters that I know ain’t happening, get ready for my son’s big Little League preseason scrimmage in Torrington and listen to my wife tell me to clean the desk off for the 37th time in the last week. Hey, I call it organized clutter.

Here’s hoping the Torrington Titans make it in Torrington, but I can’t help but wonder if the city really wants a team or just likes the prestige of having a team. Clearly there is a passionate core group that has worked hard and loves what the college kids and the team has brought to the city.

But, I want to see how many fannies are in the seats. Towards the end of the Twisters’ run and last year’s edition of the Titans attendance was, well, let’s just say you didn’t need call ahead seating.

The Titans can be a very great thing for a Torrington summer. Let’s see if the community buys into it.

*It’s okay to admit that you didn’t see Jordan Williams as being an NBA first round draft pick when he graduated from Torrington High two years ago.  There were questions about foot speed, outside touch, even work ethic.

Now here we are with one of the city’s big stars on the verge of living a dream according a story in Sunday’s Register Citizen that has him as the No. 23 pick in a mock draft from one website.

For those of us who have already been privileged to be part of an already great ride at Torrington High and the University of Maryland, we eagerly anticipate the next step. And it doesn’t have to be this year. But Jordan, if it is, say hit to Ryan Gomes for us, will you?

*Call me crazy here, but even through all the home runs given up and .150 batting averages, isn’t eight games in a 162-game schedule a bit early to be making funeral arrangements. This is a headline I saw in one paper referring to the struggles of the Red Sox – “Red Sox big-money spending plan backfires.”

Let’s see, only 154 games left. Call the casket-maker, reserve the church for the service, rev up the organ for The Old Rugged Cross. Really? After eight games? Who knows maybe the season will be high on the disaster scale. But are we making that determination on April 10. After eight games? Really?

*I guess not everybody is a UConn fan.  One area sports aficionado came up to me this weekend and expressed the sentiment that if he had to read about the Huskies, Kemba and Maya for one day, Hari-Kari was a real option.  I got the idea that Jim and Geno weren’t getting the dinner invite.

Certainly not the majority opinion. Even I have my commemorative championship Tee-shirt. But, nothing is absolute. Even the mighty Huskie machine has its detractors and they all don’t wear Pat Summit Hall of Fame wear.

*Here’s one from the Bet You Didn’t Know This category. If you want to apply for Dennis Fowler’s varsity girls basketball position to Lewis Mills you send the application to Michael Landry, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

Landry coached the 1973 Thomaston cross country team to its first state title and had one of the great runners anywhere, anytime, Dean Stephens. Landry’s daughter, Kim, was also a fine runner at Litchfield High.

Hey, you never know what kind of trivia you’re going to get in this space. Here’s one more tidbit. Landry was an outstanding math teacher. I know.

*Next Saturday is the opening day of fishing season.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. In honor of the day, however, I will be ordering shrimp scampi or maybe tilapia. I don’t know, why not just go right to the eating part. Also, by this time, catch and release isn’t an option.

*Hey, did Mickelson hit out of the azaleas yet? Like I said, I was hoping for a miracle.            

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