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Sunday thoughts on Ansonia football, Rick Wilson, the Knicks and David Wright

POSTED December 09, 2012
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

Congrats to the Ansonia football team, which capped yet another Class S championship with a predictable, 59-26, win over North Branford today at Rentschler Field.

Arkeel Newsome rushed for 237 yards and three touchdowns, while Andrew Matos rushed for two touchdowns of his own. Back in September, the Chargers set the tone for the season on opening night in Torrington, crushing the Red Raiders by 40 points behind five touchdowns from Newsome.

The title was Ansonia's second in a row, 18th overall and second straight 14-0 season.

With Newsome coming back next season (seems like he's been at Ansonia for 27 years), there's no reason to think Ansonia won't recreate the events of today one year from now, standing on the victory podium at "The Rent".


Also, congrats to Rick Wilson, who is crossing off one of his "bucket list" sporting events, attending today's Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

We talked about this subject on our radio show two weeks ago and, personally, if I could attend one sporting event it would be a Super Bowl with the Giants playing. Back in February, I was seconds away from clicking the "purchase" link for tickets on StubHub and maxing out a credit card.

I wimped out in the end, and that was probably good for my health. If I bought those tickets and drove the 14 or so hours to Indianapolis, there's no doubt Tom Brady's Hail Mary pass on the final play of the game would've been caught, ruining the Giants' fourth Super Bowl triumph. Yes, I think like that.

And, unquestionably, I would've crashed my car on the way home in shock.


I spend far too much time of my life watching the NBA and very little, after 23 years of viewing, surprises me. The Knicks' 112-92 stomping over the Heat in Miami without Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire? That surprised me. A lot.

After the game, predictably, the NBA universe declared the Knicks a title threat, but I'm not ready to go there. We have never seen a team that lives and dies with three-pointers win a championship and despite their horrid performance on Thursday, I still see the Heat as the class of the Eastern Conference and the league. Barring a serious injury to LeBron, I see another championship bash going down in South Beach come June.

I will, though, declare the Knicks the most entertaining team in the league. The Garden, after a decade of full of fan venom in the stands, is alive again and the Knicks are the hardest ticket in town, including the Yankees, Giants and the Brooklyn Nets. (Sorry, couldn't put the Mets or Jets in that sentence.)


Speaking of the Mets, I just can't get on the "signing David Wright to a long-term deal was a no-brainer" bandwagon.

By the time this deal starts, Wright will be 30 and, if the Yankees have taught us anything, extensions of this length for third baseman probably won't end well. Another thing to factor in is the team's financial situation.

By all reports, the Mets won't be able to sign any prominent free agents for a while now after investing $138 million in Wright. I think they should have traded him for two or three high-level prospects and used the money saved to sign multiple major league ready players.

How are the Mets any closer from breaking out of the fourth or fifth place rut they've been in since 2009? They are still behind the Nationals, Braves and Phillies in my eyes.


My favorite high school sports season is basketball and we just tipped off on the girls side this week with the boys slate on tap for Tuesday. The Torrington boys, looking to shake off a tough 2011-12 season, open on Wednesday at Holy Cross.

Looking forward to hitting the gym this winter.

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