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Super Bowl Predictions from LCS Readers. Part I.

POSTED February 02, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s time to throw all the deflated or inflated or berated footballs onto the field in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX and see if the defending champions from the West Coast can beat the best from the East.

Finally no more talk of ‘I’m just here so I don’t get fined’ or, ‘we always have the integrity of the game in mind’ in a little more than 24-hours from the posting of this story.

This is a story that has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years as our readers take to the keyboard to tell you what they think is going to happen on Sunday night in the desert.

It has gotten so big, we have decided to group folks based on how we know them and from where. It’s a pretty broad cross-section of folks from around the region.

We also had to make it two parts, that's how big the response has been.

Thanks to all who have made this a fun piece to put together.

Enjoy the game and pass the dip.    

Sports World

Patrick Tiscia (LCS Writer)

The Patriots will destroy Seattle on Sunday. Like when they beat the Colts, there will be no need to cheat. Will they?

Based on their history, probably. In this age of the salary gap, injuries and parity, their run of winning 10-plus games year after year after year seems a little too good to be true.

And after taping the Rams walk-through prior to the 2001 Super Bowl, Spy Gate and no Deflate-gate, it’s really hard to believe those are the only sins they have committed.

There’s three questions that need to be answered, but may never will: What else have they done, what else are they doing and what will they do next?

In the meantime, they will celebrate their fourth Super Bowl win on Sunday. Will it be tainted?

It’s hard to say no.

Final: New England 31, Seattle 13

Tim Gaffney (LCS Owner)

Really, I have to pick too? Okay. It is with great regret that I feel the Patriots will use this entire distraction factor to their advantage. Tom Brady is like Derek Jeter, dislike the team, hard to dislike the player. He finds ways to get it done.

That being said, the New York Giants managed to handle B and B on a couple of occasions so don’t be shocked if the Seattle defense doesn’t come up with a couple of big plays.

Super Bowls are sometimes about the unexpected plays made by unlikely players and this Sunday may be no different.

It’s a good match up. Russell Wilson is the future, Brady will at some point (hopefully soon) be part of the past.

Prediction: Patriots 23, Seahawks 21

Rick Wilson (LCS Senior Writer)

             Let’s see, no affinity for the Patriots, no hate for the Seahawks. So where to go on this most hallowed of Sundays? How about this? Rarely do teams win twice in a row, the Seahawks shouldn’t really be here if it wasn’t for the old El Foldo by the Packers (sorry Mr. de Simas), Russell Wilson was not good in the Packers game and their secondary is a bit banged up. On the other hand, I think the Patriots want to put the old Deflate Gate under the bus and they have let the last couple of Super Bowls get away. So for all that, while I don’t really have a rooting interest (the Giants were out of the picture in August), I like the Pats today, no matter the weight of the balls. Plus my cleaner, Nick, says it is Brady’s day.

Patriots 31, Seattle 24  

Frankie Graziano (CPTV Producer, LCS Road Show)

The 2014-2015 version of the New England Patriots just may be the best installment yet in the Brady/Belichick run of six Super Bowl appearances. The Patriots defense is surprisingly 5th in the NFL in total defense and allows just 109 rush yards per game (7th). This entire unit is unsung for a team known particularly for featuring a juggernaut offense (409 ypg--No. 1 in the NFL) and a fantastic secondary (see Revis Island).

I get to watch Seattle a lot as a 49ers fan and a rather huge football fan in general. How does this exceptional Pats team stack up against the Seahawks? I think Seattle's on a historic run here and I've thought over the past few years that the NFC was superior to the AFC. In Seattle's case, they beat you down with a physical defense that, even though they are barely in the top 10 in rush yards allowed, the war of attrition style football that they play forces teams to abandon that portion of the game altogether. The vaunted secondary has taken a minor hit this year, but Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and co. have still allowed just 200 yards per game. On offense, I haven't seen a team that is better on 3rd down since the 90's. They've got Marshawn Lynch's power rushing style and a great intermediate passing attack that features no-name guys like Robert Turbin and Luke Wilson.

The one Seahawks weakness is against the tight end, so expect Gronk to have a strong game. I can't see the Pats rushing game doing much against the Seahawks (save for a goal line touchdown from LaGarrette Blount). The Pats must establish their intermediate attack in order to keep this one close, with passes out of the backfield to Shane Vereen and throws in the slot to Julian Edelman.

I'll be rooting for the Patriots since I cannot stand Seattle, BUT, I think the Seahawks can run away with this one.

The pick: Seattle 30   New England 17 (may be conservative)

Gerry deSimas Jr. (CT Wresting online)

We should be talking about how Green Bay is favored to beat the Patriots but the Packers couldn't hold a 16-0 lead or a 12-point lead with 4 minutes remaining. So, look for Seattle to beat the Patriots, 27-24. Why? They won't be able to stop Marshawn Lynch, the hard-running Seattle running back. 

Edward Lopes (Former Watertown girls’ basketball coach)

Even though my roots are in New England I am going with Seattle 24-13, Seattle defense is just so active and aggressive. On the offensive side of the ball Wilson ability to move and Lynch athletic ability will wear out New England.

Mike C. Fritch Jr. (THS boys’ soccer coach)

New England 28-24 because they have been the best team all year, well since week 4, and they are going to take the air out of Sherman, Beast Mode, and Wilson.

John Torsiello (LCS Writer)

Patriots 37-21

Ken Davis (SMC Radio, Freelance writer)

New England 24, Seattle 17: I can honestly say I don't care who wins. I'm just glad all the hype is almost over. These teams seem to mirror each other in so many ways. Despite the talented offensive players, I don't think it will be a high scoring game. LeGarrette Blount could be a surprise MVP, helping the Pats sustain drives. Tom Brady throws the winning TD pass and NFL security storms the field to check ball inflation in front of millions of TV viewers. Bob Kraft demands an apology. And my favorite coach, Andy Reid, accepts the Lombardi Trophy because the KC Chiefs beat both teams in the regular season.

Mario Longobucco (THS Girls’ soccer coach)

Seahawks 27-21. If the packers were going to get knocked off, it would have been the Packer game. When a good team dodges the bullet like they did, I think it will just cause them to be all that much more focused. They'll be ready.

Brian Campbell (ESPN Boxing)

Patriots 27-24. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's search for their elusive fourth Super Bowl ring has fallen through their hands in dramatic fashion twice before. This time will be different. With too much history at stake, Pats will use the negative fuel from 'Deflategate' to their advantage and win a close one.

Joey Abis (Former Titans GM)

Pats 28-24

Pats! Tom Brady has a plethora of weapons to choose from and the big mouthed Richard Sherman won't be able to cover them all! Come on and Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl makes for a great sports story!

As a NH native I am given no other option but to say ‘Let’s go Pats’! Play wicked hawd!

Joe Palladino (Rep-Am Sports writer)

Seahawks - 34-30 - Seattle takes the air out of Brady and Bells.

Ray Tanguay Jr. (AD, Oliver Wolcott Tech)

Commercials 14, food 21, half time show 12, friends and family 35. Did I miss anything, oh yah, the game.

Patriots by 5 PSI.

Seahawks 27, Patriots 24, found it on the internet!!

Willy Yahn (University of Connecticut Baseball)

I think the Patriots are going to take the Super Bowl this year most likely. It's a matchup of the Patriots offense vs the Seahawks defense that will determine the game. I think the combination of Brady with many receivers to go to, along with Blount coming off one of the best games of his career, will be too much for the Seahawks defense to handle. 27-17 Pats!

Bobby Chatfield (Former Titans pitcher, coach)

Seahawks, I think that their defense over all is better than the Patriots. Also that Russell Wilson had a bad game 2 weeks ago and everyone is overlooking how good he and that offense is. 26-20.

John Woods (Titans PA)

Patriots 24-17. Seahawks contain run but not Brady and all his targets.

Rich “Rusty” Elliott (Sportswriter)

31-23 Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch will do his talking on the field and the Seattle defense will make the big plays it needs to in order to seal a second straight Super Bowl victory.

Chris DeBerry (University of Connecticut Football)

Seahawks because their defense. Got to beat the best to be the best. Tougher road to Super Bowl as well. 21-17.

Ali Bronson (ESPN Radio)

I like the Seahawks because they have a better version of the Giants defense that stopped Tom Brady in their last two Super Bowls, but it will be close. 24-21.

Jason Apruzzese (THS boys’ soccer)

I'm going 24-21 Seattle. Seattle's D is going to be too physical for the Pats. Carroll is will be prepared to handle Belichick's wrinkles. I'm a Giants fan that enjoys to see Pats fans upset, so that could play into my prediction.

Rich Romanchick (Torrington Warriors)

Pats 38-20

Kevin Roberts (New Britain Herald)

27-24, Seahawks. Seahawks have found a way to get it done, and they will find a way to win a second straight Super Bowl.

Ed Gadomski (Tri-State Baseball Commissioner)

I predicted Seattle to win last year and pick them again this year though I will root for the Pats to support most of my family. Russell Wilson's elusiveness and running ability will be the difference. Seahawks in a low scoring affair, 20-10.

Mark Arum (Cox Radio, Atlanta, Georgia)

23-20 Seahawks. Because I love to see Tom Brady lose.

Kevin Gleason (Times Herald Record, New York)

Pats 24-20.

Kelly Finlay (Thomaston softball)

Patriots! Mainly because I'm a fan. But Brady is always calm under pressure, great in big games, and he's been connecting well with his receivers. Edelman and Blount have been big lately as well. Score: 31-24.

Eric Mahar (American Legion Baseball)

New England 30-24.

NFL very hard to win back to back Super Bowls these days and Belichick/Brady can beat you too many ways, even against the great Seahawks defense.

Tim Considine Jr. (Torrington boys’ basketball)

Seahawks, because Patriots stink. 31-27.

Kyle Brennan (Rep-Am sportswriter)

Patriots, 20-17. Because karma only exists sometimes.

Kels Dayton (

I'm going Patriots, 28-24. I think their defense is the best it's been in a long time, and I think the Seahawks offense isn't quite as good as last year. Not as many weapons. I’m rooting for the Seahawks though.

Chris Hall (FCBL Commissioner)

Patriots of course. I think it'll be a close game since the NFL has decided to help the Seahawks with the rule book during the game. Plus Pete Carroll is a great defensive coach.

Ryan Plourde (White Sox MILB Catcher)

My prediction is that the Seahawks will repeat and win 24-21. It's going to be a great game, but I think that Marshawn Lynch is going to go full beast mode and take over the game, and keep Brady off the field. I also love Seattle's mentality on defense; they fear no one.

I'm looking forward to a good game and can't wait to see Gronk and Lynch face off against each other. Two of my favorite athletes in the NFL.

Jon Versteeg (ESPN radio)

New England 23-21 Seahawks defense too banged up to hold off the Pats.


John Holt (WFSB-3)

Patriots 27 Seattle 17. Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will find a way to limit the ground gains of Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson and the Seattle pass game won't be effective enough to match the offensive output of the Patriots. Another reason? I'm a lifelong New Englander. No explanation needed.

Chris Velardi (WTNH-8)

I don't think this whole "DeflateGate" thing will bother Belichick, Brady and the Patriots, but I don't think they'll win. I think the Seahawks will run the ball well with Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson just knows how to win. I'm gonna say Seahawks in a close one, 27-24.

Gerry Brooks (NBC-CT-4)

24-21 Pats. This time it's Gostkowski's turn to kick the winning FG. And because my Boston accent has only been submerged, not drowned.

Joe Zone (WFSB-3)

Pats, 34-21. Belichick brilliance, Brady moxie.

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