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Super Bowl Predictions from LCS Readers. Part II.

POSTED February 02, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

It got so big, we had to split it up! Here is part two.

WAPJ Radio

Barrie Soucy (Miscellaneous Morning Show)

Pats 27 - 17 Pats defense is better than people give them credit.

Art Benedict (The X Factor)

New England Patriots. Why? Two people: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Score: 27-14.

Chris Lovallo (Chris’ A-Z)

Seattle 27, New England 24. Defending champs on a roll and I think their defense will contain the Pats offense.

John Basso (Sports Director)

As much as I'd hate to say it, I think New England wins 27-17. They have the better offense. I think Seattle's only hope is to establish a good running game with Lynch, their passing game is not enough. New England's defense is playing superb. Their short game on offense will eat away yards and chew up the clock.

Jacque Williams (The Feel Good Show)

My sentimental pick is for T.B. to return the legend of boom back to the legend of doom as in doom day for the C-hawks. They talk too much! I wish I was playing so I could deliver some smack to the C-hawks. I would love to see Brady go out as one of the most celebrated athletes of our day. Right up there with Jeter and Jordan.

Mike Bayette (Sports Announcer)

Seahawks. 24-20. Controlling the football. Best way to stop a high powered offense? Keep them off the field!


Jonathan Wilson

Patriots 32-25. The Seahawks offense will not be enough for 32 points. Tom Brady is going to have a big day and the Seahawks defense will be beaten by the best quarterback in NFL.

Colin Pratt

Seattle 20-17. Better defense usually wins the SB. Last second FG for Seattle brings home a repeat.

Gary Franklin

"The Hoodie" and Brady take care of business, humbling the Seahawks in the process. Patriots 31 Seahawks 20.

Joe Friscia

Seattle all the way! Sick of the B&B tandem. 42-28.

Eric Renzullo

Can't stand the Pats, but it's hard to go against them. Patriots 27, Seahawks 24.

Rob Gallow

Seattle 31-24. Mainly because my dad brain-washed me into being a Jets fan (which also means I HAVE to be a Patriots hater!) way back in the Shea Stadium days. No other reason. wink emoticon

Bob Killiackey (son)

Patriots because I believe in freedom and I live in New England, I don't really follow football though.

Robert Killackey (father)

Patriots! It sounds most patriotic!

Dan Lovallo

Patriots 27-20. They have something to prove after losing their last two Super Bowls and Deflate-gate.

Ryan Bingham

I'm liking the Patriots. Tom Brady is one of the best ever and he has Gronk. Not to mention Revis on D. Too tough for the Seahawks this year.

Magdalena Wronska

Patriots 38 Seahawks 24, because my fiancé says so. Lol. Sadly I think the Patriots will win.

Bruce Ciesco

Seattle over New England. 24 to 17. Defense wins championships. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are two of the best ever but Seattle has one of the best Defense's we've seen since the 2000 Ravens. Sometimes the "Jimmies and Joes" Beat the "X's and the O's" Seattle has more talent.

Michael Ciesco

Patriots 34, Seahawks 21

Pats control whole game, with clock management and capsulizing on Seahawks turnovers.
Even first half, then 3rd quarter patriots get two big defensive stops and Brady leads them in.

Two best teams playing for it all, doesn't get better then this!

Anthony Capuano

Seattle 31-27, Because of Beast Mode1

Ryan Fredricksson

Seattle 33-17 Defense

Bob Clark

Seattle 24-21. Just think the Seattle defense will have enough fire power and speed to slow down the New England offense. Comes down to a last second field goal.

Marc Dillon

Belichick, Brady and the Patriots will take the air out of the Seahawks' quest to repeat as Super Bowl champs. New England 24, Seattle 13.

Paul McLaughlin

As a lifelong Pats fan, I say New England 24-20. I think they have a huge chip on their shoulders.

George Roberts

Patriots 28-24. Deflate-gate has pissed them off and they're going to let their play speak for itself.

Alfredo Viscariello

New England 40, Seattle 21

Because everyone wants to see New England lose, they’re gonna blow them out.

Robbie Albreada

Seattle because they have recent super bowl experience and they haven't had the media pressure that the Pats have had because of the ball deflation. Score: 24 – 12

Rich Scott

Seattle 37 Patriots 17. Lynch runs for 113 yards and 3 TD's. Brady gets picked twice and throws for only 210 yards. Sacked 4 times.

Scott Rosengrant.

I'm rooting for Seattle. #1 - How can you not love Pete Carroll? #2 - Russell Wilson is an exciting young talent. And #3, for me, Patriots fans are just Red Sox fans in winter coats so, yeah, I'm rooting for the Seahawks.

Ernie Tracy III

Seattle 42-27. Seattle brings a solid defense with a great diversification of preforming receivers to tag along with the run game from Lynch and the Patriots are crooks.

Justin Morhardt

To be honest I don't follow football at all, I’m a hockey guy. But I'm gonna go with the Pats underdogs by 7.

Joseph Timothy Quirk

I'm rooting for the Patriots but I believe with two relatively evenly matched teams. The controversy outside the game weighs heavier on the Pats and boosts the Seahawks and sometimes that little edge is all that's needed. Seahawks by two in a squeaker.

Kat Zagrodnik

Patriots 27-21. Patriots secondary can lock down the Seahawks receivers so they can concentrate on stopping Marshawn Lynch and Patriots have my husband Gronk!

Brady is very focused and determined to get his fourth Super Bowl title. He has realized how difficult it is to win one since winning three in his first four years in league. And it's been 10 years since winning one so it’s about time we win it all! I just want the trophy! Belichick will send me a ring in the mail once they win he knows I'm their number one fan!

Dan Palladino

Pats big, 28 to 13. Bill & Brady something to prove.

Marshall Miles

Score: Seattle 23 New England 20. Carrol wins the "Cheater Bowl"! Why? If the GIANTS defense got to Brady the two times they played him, imagine what the Seahawks defense will do!!!

Rich Graef

I've got Patriots, 27-24!

Jeff Weiner

Pats 27, Seattle 21. Pats are the elite. Seattle got lucky with a two-point Hail Mary pass to get into OT. No one will stop Brady to Gronk!!!

TJ Jacquot.

Seahawks. A great defense who will pressure Brady, and when Brady is uncomfortable, he's an average QB. They can take away Gronk with their linebackers or safeties. Lynch will dominate with a little help from Wilson and the read option. 30-10, Seattle.

Gary Mercier

Patriots win if they can stop Wilson just as the Packers did for much of the NFC Championship Game. If they don't it will make Lynch that much more unstoppable. Contrary to what I just said Seahawks 38-34.

Missippippi Mudcat (Miles Concannon)

I am predicting a New England Patriots 31-27 win. 


Deb Gaffney

Seattle because I could, never, never, never ever root for the Partiots.

Jillian Gaffney

I'm going with the Seahawks. Beside the fact that I hate the Patriots, I think they are an all around solid team.

Buddy Mattot

My prediction is: Seattle 21. New England 17. Heart over brains because of my white hot dislike of anything remotely associated with Boston or the red sox (deliberate lower case).

Final numbers: Patriots 43, Seahawks 36. 

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