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Sure, tell Brady and company they are the Underdogs.

POSTED February 04, 2019
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Torrington: I had to chuckle in late January when the odds makers came out with their predictions of which of the four remaining teams in the National Football League playoffs had the best chance of taking home the trophy at Super Bowl LIII.

At the time, the Kansas City Chiefs were given the best shot, followed by the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Rams and finally the New England Patriots.

Let me preface my laughter with the fact that I am a New York Jets fan (sympathy cards are always welcome) and would like nothing more than to see the team from Foxborough live up to that prediction, but I knew it was about to backfire on everyone who thought TB12 was done.

TB12 is of course, Tom Brady, the owner of five Super Bowl rings at the time that prediction came out and who is never, ever one who needs extra motivation but was surely given it when the prognosticators predicted they were the pure underdogs.

I don’t care how well or badly the Pats had played during the regular season, they were on a mission.

A mission with one basic motivation. People said they couldn’t do it.

Nothing about Super Bowl VIII made an offensive minded person jump for joy but to understand the nuances of the chess game that goes on during every gridiron battle was evident to those paying attention.

Sixteen points in a Super Bowl game? The lowest point total in the more than a half century of SB matchups.   

Nothing really pretty about it unless you liked punting. I figure Rams kicker Johnny Hekker is feeling it this morning after launching nine boots, including a record setting 65 yarder in the fourth quarter.

So, the Patriots came away with a 13-3 win and while there might be a great deal of hate from non-Pats fans, guess what?

If your team had won by the same score and your team had won six Super Bowls in the past 17-years, it would be a thing of beauty.

A championship is a championship.

For a Jets fan, I’d like one more before I leave this place.

1969 was a lifetime ago, I was ten and doubt I cared.

I would take a Brady type on my team every day of the week. He’s the Derek Jeter of football.

As a Mets fan, I disliked the Yankees but could never dispute the greatness of DJ. Title are titles and those Yanks teams got a bunch of them, like the Patriots are now.

Brady now has six rings and has teamed with Bill Belichick to form one heck of a dynasty since the latter was my Jets coach for about 24-hours.

Can’t say the guy didn’t have good judgement in staying away from the J-E-T-S, it sure has worked out very well.

How does the rest of the NFL knock the champs off the hill?

Work harder and smarter and become that good.

When the UConn women were destroying everyone on their way to National Championship after National Championship, head coach Geno Auriemma challenged everyone else in the country to do what New England opponents need to do.

Get better, get to the level the Patriots are. Don’t expect them to come back to you, rise up to their level.

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