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The end of winter season crunch. Lots of games to be played, not so much time.

POSTED February 13, 2017
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: The long-range forecast for the end of the high school winter season is turning into every Athletic Directors nightmare as storms line up to hit the Northwest Corner, causing phones to ring off the hook and hair to be pulled as a multitude of games need completion.

Trouble is, they are running out of time and room to reschedule.

Take the dilemma of the Torrington girls basketball team who need to get in three regular season games before the Naugatuck Valley League Tournament gets underway on Saturday.

Torrington has not been in school since last Wednesday, February 8 as school was canceled on both Thursday and Friday, bouncing their game against Woodland to Monday on the road.

Their out of conference game against Avon which was to be played on Saturday, is now scheduled for Thursday after they have their Senior Night on Tuesday against Watertown.

Now, considering it may be a safe bet that the school system will experience at least a delay on Monday, the Raiders hope to be able to travel Monday afternoon. If not, let’s not go there yet.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day appears to be the pick of the week with that large orange thing scheduled to make an appearance in the sky so the Watertown game should be safe.

Wednesday and Thursday appear to fall into the time frame of the next potential weather event so who knows if there will be school either day, putting the re-scheduled game against Avon in jeopardy.

Would they play the game Friday and go right in to the NVL’s on Saturday, four games in six days?   

Could the Avon game just not be played for the sake of rest?

These questions can’t be answered yet, but it does bring up the topic of getting games in even if school is cancelled.

I know, lightning is on its way to hit my but since we had Thunder snow last Thursday, I’m good, no fear.

There have been a few instances this year when school was called off in the morning but conditions were fine by later in the afternoon.

Safety is always the most important thing, I get it, but can we use a little bit of common sense at some points as well?

How safe is it to have players play four games in less than a full week?

This winter started slow but been making up ground quickly with the cancelations adding up.

Looking at this challenge might give AD’s an alternative to trying to sort out the tangled mess that is this last week.

---The Torrington boys escaped their trip game on Saturday night.

The Woodland Hawks, who came in with just one win, took full advantage of a Raiders team that remembered too well the outcome of the first time the teams met and thought all they had to do was roll the ball out and get the “W”.

It would have been a devastating loss for a team that has shown so many positive signs of improving this season after starting the campaign 0-3.

Torrington is 10-3 over their last 13 and have four games remaining in the regular season.

They travel to Watertown on Tuesday to face an Indian team that they beat by 45 last time around.

Sound familiar?

These teams have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being the team that ruins your season, so the Raiders have hopefully learned from Saturday night not to take anyone lightly.

Thursday night (weather permitting) is a huge game for Torrington as they take on the team that is currently in the seventh spot in the NVL standings, right behind the Raiders.

It is the first meeting of the season and the Wildcats are also playing well, having won seven of their last nine games and sport a 9-6 record.

A trip to Newtown comes up on Saturday for Eric Gamari and his team before another big match up against Holy Cross in Waterbury ends the regular season on Wednesday, February 22.

Mother Nature must know how little we care about February. Heck, we only give it 28 days so it looks like she’s perfectly willing to pour it on.

It’s going to be a dizzying two weeks, hang on tight.


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