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The Heat, Kidsmarathon and Casey Cochran. Summer ramblings from the desk of Mr Gaff.

POSTED July 25, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: For all those who wished for hot weather after the non-winter that we came out of in March, congratulations.

Man, do we have heat.

Can’t decide whether to mow my lawn or plow it under. The color (an awful brownish-yellow) is not something that is going to land any of our lawns on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

More like the front cover of a Walking Dead poster. You’re welcome to my friend Rich Elliot for the WD mention. There are now just 90 days, three short months until Season 7.

Anyway, it’s been a summer, that’s for sure and it shows no sign of letting up.

Some updates on happenings around LCS.

-The Battle to 40 continues as I look to drop a medium chunk of my body weight in preparation for the fall season when the planning and executing of my Kidsmarathon Director duties go into full swing.

Figured it would be a good idea to look a bit of the part of being healthy and fit if I’m to convince local kids to do the same.

A large belly, a stogie and a flask would probably give the wrong impression to the young folk and not get us off to a flying start.

The loss of my old friend Gatorade and Mr. Ginger Ale has been much easier than I thought.

Really have not missed either and water and I are now besties.

Spreading the word throughout the area about this Kidsmarathon cause, championed by a guy who I have come to know as a friend, Rod Dixon.

His passion and devotion to the cause is second to none and around the state, we are assembling quite a team of motivated individuals who are hard at work as each prepares to put on their next show in 2017.

The response around the neighborhood has been terrific as well. My good friend and neighbor Ray Tanguay, the AD at Wolcott Tech and I are working on plans for a grand finish line that we can use for years to come at the Robert H Frost Complex at Torrington High School.

It’ll be here before I know it so it’s nose to the grindstone time.

-Three or four times a week now, I head down to THS and get some laps in at the above mention Robert H Frost.

My daughter Kim normally joins me and she jogs a mile while I fast walk the same distance.

Something strange did happen the last two times I was out there though.

I had the urge to jog. My doctor and any physical therapist I talk to says it’s not critical for me to be able to run as long as I continue to work out, lay off the excess calories and hit the stationary bike a few times a week to get the old ticker moving faster.

Still, I wanted to see how I would do so on Friday past, I jogged about 100 yards on the second lap of the morning.

Next, on the fourth lap, I decided to see if I could make it all the way around the quarter mile without either knee staying behind and aside from my lungs objecting to the effort, I made it around.

Have to admit, it felt pretty good.

Did another quarter mile this morning on my way to six laps and a great start to my day.

-This Thursday, July 28, we will host a live Cable 5 Show between the hours of 8-9 p.m. from the studios of Optimum in Torrington.

We are waiting word back from Casey Cochran, former University of Connecticut quarterback who retired because of the effects of 13 concussions.

Cochran, always a great kid to talk to, is now on a speaking tour, reaching out to groups who want more information on what he went through.

This was a young man brought up with football at the centerpiece of everything and he was looked to be the guy who took UConn football to the next level.

Giving up the game he loved was certainly not an easy decision but his current mission is an even more important one.



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