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The Tim Considine Golf Tournament keeps growing, the laughs and memories keep flowing.

POSTED August 24, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Photographs and Memories. The Second Annual Tim Considine Golf Outing was held at Fairview Farms in Harwinton on Saturday afternoon. 149 golfers took part.

TORRINGTON: It’s a day filled with sadness and happiness. With tears and heavy hearts but with even larger smiles.

Saturday was the Second Annual Tim Considine Golf Tournament held again at scenic Fairview Farms in Harwinton and for the second straight year, the course, the dining room and everywhere else was packed with family and friends who gathered to remember this man meant to all of them.

Nearly two years ago now, Tim Considine lost his battle with ALS after a life filled with uncountable happy memories for those fortunate enough to love the guy who simply brought a smile to any who crossed paths with him.

It’s an event that could probably be stretched over an entire weekend, the turnout of golfers is just that astounding.

A normal tournament may bring up to 120 golfers which is 30 foursomes on an 18-hole course. Do the math, that’s a lot of doubling up on each hole which means folks are going to be out in the grass, woods and sand traps for a good long time.

On Saturday, 149 golfers ventured out and no doubt, did not care how long they were out there swapping stories about Considine that usually involved laughter and a fair share of good natured ribbing.

That number included 62 brand new golfers to this tournament and another 60 or so who were just coming to the dinner portion of the day.

The recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” craze sweeping the country came to Harwinton as well on Saturday as nearly 50 locals donned bathing suits in order to take part in the fun that has raised nearly 55 million dollars since it hit the web in mid-July.

ALS is a relentless ailment for which there is no cure. Gradually, a person afflicted loses all of the muscle control. It’s a disease that makes people wish, as a friend in the medical field recently told me that they had cancer instead. Imagine.

This effort started last year when family and friends wanted to find a way to get together, honor Tim’s memory and raise awareness and money for ALS.

It cost nearly $300,000 to care for one patient with ALS. In Connecticut alone, there are 200 people currently being treated which rolls out to $60 million dollars in just our state alone.

Nationwide, nearly 6000 people suffer from it. Astounding numbers.

Good friends Gary Mercier and Gary Capitanio (amongst many others) helped Cheryl Considine and her two sons, Tim Jr. and Brian put this day together.

Cheryl Considine has taken this mission to an entirely different level, her eloquent ability to talk and laugh about the man she loved has helped inspire the community around her and they laugh and sometimes cry right along with her.

Rick Wilson and I did a program from the patio of Fairveiw on Saturday morning and Cheryl was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talking to us about the effects of the Ice Bucket Challenge on a cause so personal to her.

“The awareness this has brought nationwide about ALS has been wonderful,” Considine said, “At first I wasn’t sure what the challenge was for but when it started to pick up steam, I saw how aware people were becoming about ALS.”

The entire Considine family has become Torrington’s family. Notables from every side of Torrington, either professional or sports related were on hand.

This is one tournament that shows no sign of slowing, in fact it seems to be picking up speed. It sold out faster than a major concert.

Well, then again, Tim Considine certainly was a rock star to anybody fortunate enough to know the man they call T-Cons.

Hope you enjoyed the laughter and the smiles Tim, and by the way, Happy Birthday!

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