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The Torrington HS Class of '14 comes through, the BOE, not so much.

POSTED July 13, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Of course the community will take care of making sure the much needed netting on the far side of the Robert H. Frost Complex gets done.

It’s how the entire 3 million dollar job got completed and after a generous donation from the Class of 2014, the nearly $20,000 dollars needed to allow the job to go out to bid is closer to the finish line.

The 2014 Class, represented by Olivia Roberge, recently presented Turf Committee co-chair Mario Longobucco with a check for $1200.00 to go towards the netting, which will prevent balls (or people) from ending up on Route 8 north.

A really, really, really aggressive effort by the State of Connecticut to eliminate any thought of tree’s behind the visitors bleachers made the netting a necessity, one strong clear of a soccer ball could reach the road with ease and be a potential hazard to vehicles heading north.

Along with the donation for the netting, the Class of 14 also donated $1350.00 to be used to purchase a park bench on the grounds. Currently, two benches are located near the entrance to the complex near the scoreboard.   

“We are very grateful to Olivia and her classmates for these very generous gifts,” Longobucco said, “We are very close to our goal of installing the safety netting system that will keep balls from going onto Route 8 and therefore keeping our school and city athletes, as well as motorists safe. We are very grateful and very proud of these kids.”

The Class of 2014 joins the Casper and Bolesh Families who have also helped by purchasing the first two benches.

It still amazes me though that throughout this entire process, we still see absolutely no help coming from the group (aside from the student/athletes and community) that has benefited the most and spent the least in helping out.

The Torrington Board of Education, fresh off findings that they overpaid an IT company more than $100,000 dollars and didn’t even sign the well-hidden contract, still has not helped out or chipped in a red cent towards the process.

Something needs to change around here when it comes to the leadership of an organization that continually put up roadblock after roadblock last year when the project was being completed.

I have stated often that the money saved in fines that the school district could have faced by not having the complex Americans with Disabilities compliant could have totaled more than $250,000 but were wiped out when the Robert H. Frost was brought up to code.

Any time it was brought up to the board, the idea was shot down in a big hurry with the standard line that ‘It’s a City project”.

It continues to be embarrassing and with the most recent revelations concerning the IT contract and the bumbling effort to hire a company that really might not have been a company to take care of the grounds at THS, the leadership of the BOE, not the entire board, needs to change.

Throw in that really sweet deal that paid a retiring secretary over $100,000 in additional benefits and it may not be long until the state makes their way down Route 8 from Winsted to take over T-Town as well.

But I digress.

Thank you, Class of 2014, you continue to do your town and high school proud.

As for the BOE, I’m sure the upcoming audit of the books the City wants to do will be an eye opener.

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