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The World Series, NVL Tourney info, Longobucco and McLaughlin. Ramblings from the desk of Mr. Gaff.

POSTED October 23, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: I have to admit, I knew only one Kansas City Royal when the World Series began and that was by accident.

Saw James Shield pitch for Tampa Bay on a trip to Florida a few years back and when I heard his name on the radio one night, I knew of only him when the conversation about the Royals was over.

Do feel good for a veteran scribe I have met at UConn over the last year though. Ken Davis, one of the best to hit the keys in a long time, is an avid KC fan and was at the first two games of the series in Missouri.

True fans are eventually rewarded (hint, hint, New York Jets) and good for Davis who got to be part of a fan base that has been more than patient.

That see of light blue is very impressive, by the way.

Also on the series, could fans on the East Coast care less when one of the three (yes, that includes the Mets) from New England are not involved?

I was shocked to hear that the San Francisco Giants are in their third World Series in five years. Shows how much we pay attention when it is not our team.

Do love to see a small market team make the big show though, proves that all the money in the world can’t guarantee the ultimate prize come October.

……The Naugatuck Valley League Tournament gets underway on Saturday and both our local teams will be in action.

Mike Fritch Jr. and the boys, the second ranked team, face off against Holy Cross at 6 p.m. at Municipal Stadium.

Mario Longobucco, whose girls team played one of the best games of the year on Wednesday in a 4-1 overtime loss to Watertown, play rival Holy Cross at Watertown starting at 4 p.m.

On the hardwood, the Torrington girls take on Kennedy in the NVL volleyball tournament on Saturday at home starting at 2 p.m.

……The Lewis Mills girls’ soccer team will more than likely run the table this season so the big question will come once the States begin.

How good is this team?

Head coach Dennis Fowler has described it as one of the best squads he has had and that’s saying a lot considering the quality of soccer we have seen come out of Burlington over the years.

……Look for a new addition to the Litchfield County Sports Show lineup over the next few months as we look forward to unveiling a new show on Cable 5 in Litchfield.

Details to follow but expect to see the guys with faces for radio come to a television near you.

We have gone from our humble beginnings at WAPJ radio six years ago to live shows around the area to front and center to camera number one.

Special thanks to our good friend John Bongiorno for helping us get this project off the ground.

The show will feature local athletes, coaches and leaders in the sports world we live and talk about.

……Great meetings today with two of the best around. Mario Longobucco for breakfast and Paul McLaughlin for lunch.

Longobucco and LCS are working to get word out about the increasingly small numbers of girls in the Torrington area who are coming out for soccer during their early grade school years, causing shortages of numbers once high school comes around.

McLaughlin, from Litchfield Bancorp and a huge supporter of LCS since our inception, is a true leader in the communities of Litchfield and Torrington, amongst others.

Tough day when you get to hang around with two friends the first half of your day and still call it work.

Somebody has to do it.

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