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Titans get beer, THS to get new field, track.

POSTED September 25, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: Sports took center stage during the Torrington City Council meeting, one that also said goodbye to an eight-year run by their leader and the appointment of a temporary one.

The Council voted on Monday to change an ordinance that had prohibited the sale of alcohol by any non-professional team at Fuessenich Park.

It’s been a long three-year battle begun when the Torrington Titans and the Futures Collegiate Baseball League came to Torrington but by a 5-1 vote the Council voted to give the team the opportunity to sell beer at their home games.

This issue brought out, as it has for years, strong opinions on both sides and Monday night was no exception.

11 speakers spoke to the Council, four against and seven in favor.

As I have said in numerous articles, it’s time for Torrington to get out of their own way and give this a shot.

It’s not the cure all for the FCBL franchise that will soon introduce their fourth general manager in the past four years and are now on their second majority ownership group.

Stability is desperately needed in Torrington and hopefully, the team will get their act together this year and move forward with what they have said was crucial to their staying in Torrington, the beer sales.

I for one am not interested in sitting with drunks at any park so the team’s control of the atmosphere at the park will be something that needs to be watched.

I also don’t have an issue with responsible adults enjoying a beer or two, they alone are responsible for the results of their own action.

Sure, lawsuits are possible if something goes seriously wrong but that applies to just about anything nowadays.

The Titans must now purchase and apply for a liquor license which they expect to get.

Six of the nine FCBL teams serve beer at the present time. The two others aside from Torrington play on high school fields located on high school grounds.

The second sports item was centered on the $2.72 million dollar grant State Representative Michelle Cook secured for the installation of a turf field, a new track and bleachers that will hold 800 fans at Torrington High School.

The City Council voted to accept the money (thank you) and to approve of the formation of a building committee that will be charged with getting the project done.

It had become a bit of a circus over the last few weeks when tensions grew between the turf committee, who had worked on the project for nearly seven years and the Torrington Board of Education.

Some members of the BOE did not do themselves any favors at a recent pair of meetings by not simply applauding the efforts of Cook and the dedicated members of the turf committee.

Torrington got a $2.72 million dollar gift that we had already paid for with our tax dollars.

Should have been easy but at least now it’s done.

A 17-person committee has been formed and will include one member of the BOE with Ed Arum running point for the project.

Another layup. Arum has done it before at Pomperuag and has his name on the field to boot.

The guy will get the project done, get everything he wants done and will come in with money left for coffee.

Let’s get started. I want a new press box…..

NOTES: The Council also formally said goodbye to Mayor Ryan Bingham, who is leaving October 1st after eight years on the job. Council member Gerry Zordan will take the top job until a new Mayor is elected in November.

A big thanks to a mayor who started at the ripe old age of 22 and gave it his all for nearly a decade.

With a new baby joining the Bingham family, it was time for to put family first.

Congrats Ryan, it's been a pleasure. Best of luck. 

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