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Titans offer A-Rod coaching position.

POSTED January 23, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: So, we know Alex Rodriquez has plenty of time on his hands over the next year plus as he sits out 162 games due to his suspension from Major League baseball for the whole steroid mess.

Well, he has a job offer on the table from one local team who is looking to give him a shot at being an assistant coach.

General Manager Joey Abis and the Torrington Titans of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League have offered the disgraced slugger an invitation to be on the bench for the 2014 season from June until August.

Head coach Dan McNamara would have one of the highest paid athletes in MLB sitting next to him at Fuessenich Park for the 2014 campaign with a $5000.00 salary offered for that time frame.

In a tongue-firmly planted in cheek move, the Titans are looking to give A-Rod a chance to rehabilitate his less than stellar reputation by allowing him to give back to college athletes chasing the same dream he had years ago.

There is additional motivation as well.

“The Donut Station has offered to supply Alex with an unlimited supply of donuts and coffee for the summer,” Abis said. “We are hoping we can be a positive stop for him as he tries to rebuild his image.”

To say most news about Rodriguez has been negative of late would be an understatement, most fans, even Yankee fans wish he would just go away.

“He could give back to the community while he was here,” Abis said. “He could escape from New York and be a big name in a little pond.”

There is no question both the team and town would benefit from having the A-Rod circus in town.

Crowds during his minor league rehabs stints have been huge over the years and the same would hold true for Torrington.

Now, if they could only get Sidd Finch…..

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