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Torrington High A.D. - A few suggestions

POSTED August 05, 2012
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                      Torrington High A.D. - A few suggestions

            The fall high school sports season looms in the near future (Yeh, I know, where did the summer go. ) and there has been no word yet from Torrington High School regarding a replacement for Janet Giampaolo as athletic director, Giampaolo resigning two months ago after a two-year stint.

            I figure I might lend the THS power brokers a little help in case candidates are at a minimum or less considering the position is probably if not the most difficult, the most time-consuming in the school system.

            I came up with my own list. Now I don’t know if these people are interested (I suspect not) but if they are THS should suck them up like a kid with a straw and a chocolate milk shake.

            R.J. Poniatoski – A local legend, R.J. brings a host of solid credentials. He knows sports having coached, played and been an official and referee. The Red Raiders wouldn’t need to hire a P.A. announcer for football games since R.J. already holds those duties. As for security, R.J. is a seasoned veteran, having ruled the THS hallways for years. Plus, he could bring in Biff Pond as an assistant.

            Tony Turina – Hey, who is better qualified than the Torrington legend. Successful referee, coach and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Plus he owns a coffee shop. Free java, doughnuts and pastry. You can’t beat that.

            Michael Phelps – Okay, this one might be a stretch. But, he said he is done with swimming after taking a serious chunk out of the world gold supply (18 golds, 22 medals overall in Olympic competition) and has other things he wants to do in his life. Hey Michael we have a job for you. Imagine the press he can bring and the excitement at swim meets. He could help out as coach and pack the Torrington YMCA.  The sale of Speedos will be off the charts in Torrington.  Plus he probably doesn’t need the paltry check that would be coming his way. Give him call. This could be big.

            Brent Hawkins – Like Poniatoski, he brings a voice to all THS events, having earned plaudits as the Litchfield Hills Road Race announcer for years. Unlike Poniatoski he brings fashion pizazz particularly in the hat department with his hellacious head coverings.  I’m not sure he’s on board with the maroon and white school motif. As Litchfield Recreation Director and ace bartender at the world famous Village Restaurant, Hawkins also brings a touch of organizational moxie.  This could be a bold move by the Torrington folks.

            Ed Gadomski – Look what he’s done with the Tri-State Baseball League. Enough said.

            Candy Perez – Who can better navigate her way through the high school athletic mine fields than the trail-blazing Perez. First of all she is part of the Winsted political scene which can bloody the heartiest of persons. But, she has also been a coach and athletic director, teacher, administrator and everything else. While Winsted may not solve their current budget crisis until 2018, Perez can handle anything that comes here way. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

            Mike McKenna – He’s an inside guy for starters, teaching in the system and used to kick field goals which should count for something. But, he has that trainer’s background and is the master of massage. Think of all the money he could save the system by doubling up his duties. He has also coached and is famous dad is a doc. Hey, you can’t lose with McKenna. He’s the total package.

            Christine  Strawson Gamari – Great athlete, coach, hey, she can do it all and do it all well. Enough said.  Plus, she is tight with the Torrington High boys basketball coach. Lot of advantages here and she is so young. She could be here for 50 years. Sign her up.

            Bev Lowden – Currently retired but offers a full resume. The second women Athletic Director ever in Connecticut when she took on the duties at Thomaston High, she also coached three sports including softball for about 135 years. The problem with Lowden is that she likes to camp and you may need smoke signals to get ahold of her. She could be a dark horse here.

            Bill Nataro – Coach, referee, Torrington legend. One thing is for sure here, Bill will add some snap, crackle and pop to the position.

            Mississippi Mudcat – Musical connoisseur and former WAPJ radio voice and legend, he brings the tunes to the job. All pre-game music could be taken care of, a job not to be underestimated. He might have to trade in some of his Slim Whitman and Statler Brothers albums for something a little more current, but he’s legitimate. We could even localize his moniker a bit to Besse Pond Bill or Tommy Twin Lakes. Wouldn’t that draw attention at the NVL meetings.

            Mary Stolle  - The former Wamogo A.D. is an expert on hospitality rooms, a disappearing art. The first lady of the first family of Wamogo she is highly respected and gets things done. She may also bring her husband John who is noted for his basketball ties, the kind you wear. Her family scored a bazillion points not to mention their field hockey expertise. Stolle would be a deal and a steal.

            Any day now, the Red Raiders will announce their new A.D., but frankly I think they’re missing something if they don’t give these people a call. I would have thrown Mike Colangelo in, but I didn’t think he would leave Disney and ESPN for the Donahue Gymnasium or Cable 5. Just a hunch.

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