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Torrington junior Christian Estefani impresses Randy Edsall at UConn camp.

POSTED June 30, 2018
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s not often that a local player turns UConn head football coach Randy Edsall’s head but how about when one makes him do a couple of double takes?

That’s what happened on Sunday, June 24 when Torrington soon to be Junior Christian Estefani took part in a camp being held at the University of Connecticut in front of the UConn coaching staff.

Estefani, who just completed a remarkable sophomore season as a member of the Raiders record breaking 4 x 100 team that finished third in the recently held New England Track and Field Championships, is also a rising start on the gridiron.

With the graduation of fellow 4 x 100 star, Dylan Myrie from the backfield of head coach Gaitan Rodriguez and the Raiders, Estefani may be that dynamic player that has the afterburners needed to make a difference on every play.

One couldn’t think that Edsall and company were taking a hard look at a sophomore who is still learning his way around the football field but after what Estefani pulled off that day, they may just be keeping a better eye on him.

The video, taken by his father, Ben, shows the younger Estefani taking off on his 40-yard dash attempt inside the Burton Family Training Facility on the Storrs campus.

His left arm goes up behind him a moment before he takes off and he’s gone.

After he passes a group of the Huskies coaches, including Edsall, the camera follows him to the end of his run before he heads back.

This had been his second run, the usual amount for each player during this drill and as the coaches come back into view with Estefani on his way back, Edsall turns towards his coaches, looks at Estefani, looks down on the name sheet and then back to Estefani a couple more times before calling him over.

The look on the very shy Estefani was priceless. He was being called over by a Division I coach from his home state whom he had just impressed.

Edsall asks the soon to be junior to give them one more run so they could get a more accurate time the third time around.

Estefani had run a 4.6 forty-yard dash on the coaching staffs watches.

Now, it’s never an exact time when it’s not an electronic one but one can see why the coaches heads were turned.

Consider a man who Estefani grew up watching, Usain Bolt, runs the 40 in about 4.35 seconds when you break down his world record 100-yard dash times and you can see why this young man possesses some serious speed.

Estefani may have just impressed the man who runs UConn but at the time, didn’t know that it was Randy Edsall himself asking him to run again.

Best believe he will remember if ever asked to run for the Huskies head man again.

Keep an eye on this kid, he may be one we remember for a good long time.

He may just turn our heads as well before he’s done.



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