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Travelers a big hit...See you in 2014.

POSTED June 25, 2013
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

CROMWELL: There can be no doubt; the Travelers Championship was a real big hit in 2013.

For the most part, Mother Nature stayed out of the way but brought some serious but not life altering heat on the weekend that was tolerable to most.

Litchfield County made their initial voyage to the PGA event that was all we heard it would be.

Well organized, massive, entertaining and something we look forward to diving in head first in 2014.

There is something for everyone at this event that puts the give in giving.

The charitable work the tournament does is as big a deal as the pro golfers who truly seem to love playing in this mid-sized Connecticut town.

Cromwell is pretty good at this.

Getting to and from was a breeze. It helped that I didn’t go too early or stay too late. I saw the volume of cars that would at some point need a tune-up after waiting to get out when the rounds got over at the end of each day.

Being a rookie, it helped to have the organization piece in place. Huge signs that even I could see without my glasses let me know where the Will Call was and it would have hit me in the head if it was any closer or smoother.

From there with a little direction I was off to the media parking area and was led to a space and then to my amazement, picked up by golf cart and taken to the media tent which was the size of my house.

I almost said I would walk but figured, take the ride it’s just part of the experience and anytime you are in a golf cart, something good is happening.

My driver dropped me off and it was time to sign in with some of the most helpful people you will ever find.

Information was at your fingertips, I got a little tour of the area and where the food tent was (I behaved, trying to lose 30 pounds and all) before being introduced to the PGA folks who gave me a photo pass to get pictures on the course.

So, armed with papers and a camera and a computer bag, I made my way out to the event.

I say event because that’s just what this entire week is.

There is something for everybody, young and old.

The kids can climb rock walls, play a little mini-golf or bounce around in a big house.

Adults could try to win cars or have their golf swing evaluated (I didn’t go there, didn’t want to hear the laughter) or at night listen to music from Three Dog Night.

Holy Jerimiah had a bullfrog!!!

You have to admit, we here in CT like a good party and by the way, a great field and tournament.

After asking a few kind souls for directions, I made my way to the 18th green.

The corporate booths were huge, the moving gallery fun to watch.

Following your favorite golfer is a sport of its own it seems.

I made my way around the course from 18 all the way to ten and got some pictures along the way of the key players on Saturday.

Bubba Watson started to have his troubles on the 10th hole but made it to the end of the round tied for the lead.

The fan base for Watson, a tour favorite, was massive.

You knew he was coming by the sound of the crowd coming over you.

Getting out of the way was my main objective and I managed not to get trampled by the fine folks.

Oh, and the houses that start near the 10th green.

Nice to say the least. Great view, parties galore and the best seat in the house.

Have to check and see if any are relatives. Great place to work from next year.

After Watson made his way down the 10th, I made my way against the grain back to the entrance/exit and made my way back to the car for the trip out.

Yes, I walked…..

A tremendous event, a great afternoon. We will be back next year in force to cover the PGA event from front to back.

There’s a boat load of stories waiting to be told each year and we can’t wait to bring them to you.

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