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UConn's women's NCAA hoop violation and an injury for Casey Cochran.

POSTED September 04, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

STORRS: Turns out jealousy runs all the way up to the college ranks, especially when it comes to women’s basketball.

An anonymous school reported a two minute conversation that Huskies head coach Geno Auriemma had with Little League sensation Mo’ne Davis as a potential recruiting violation.

In an act that makes one scratch their heads, the NCAA, in all its ridiculous glory, determined that a phone call to a child nearly five years away from deciding on her college (if she even has decided to go to college) was a secondary rules violation of bylaw   

Simply put, college coaches are not supposed to be in contact with potential recruits until their junior year.

The Hartford Courant spoke with Auriemma and he had the following response.

“The conversation lasted like two minutes and we hung up…. And then I was told a school turned us in for a recruiting violation because we are not allowed contact of July 1 before her junior year of high school. That’s the world that we live in…. I have no idea if the kid is very good, kind of good, not good at all or a superstar or can even reach the basket. How is that a violation?”

It was the young phenom who took the nation by storm with her 70 MPH fastball and powerful bat who had brought Auriemma’s name into the conversation in the first place when she stated her desire to play for the Huskies.

At this point, Davis is entering the eighth grade and the Huskies head coach did not know her basketball skill level at all, according to reports.

It was simply a congratulatory phone call from the head coach to a young lady who had herself one heck of a World Series.

Whichever school reported it seems as if the may need a hobby or something.

These are some of the costs associated with being the most dominant women’s basketball program of all time.

Kinda sad though…

…..Not telling a coaching staff about an injury is not new in a bunch of sports and the UConn Huskies football team got a dose of it on Wednesday apparently when sophomore quarterback Casey Cochran told the team of an "upper body injury" he received at the end of the Huskies 35-10 loss to BYU on Friday night at The Rent.

On his weekly radio show from the Wood N Tap restaurant in Vernon, head coach Bob Diaco announced that Chandler Whitmer would be the starting quarterback with Tim Boyle the backup.

Both QB’s had seen action in the opener and it Diaco expected the same situation on Saturday when Huskies host Stony Brook at noon.

He told the media as much on Monday so this injury was not known at that time.

Whitmer was the full time starter in 2012 when the Huskies posted a 5-7 record and will take the majority, if not all of the snaps on Saturday against a team that the home team should handle.

How long Cochran will be out is not known at this time. Diaco will talk with the media on Friday via a conference call. 

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